4 Ways Brands Are Using Social Media Marketing for Super Bowl Sunday

Every year, the Super Bowl grows into a bigger event. Advertisers are the ones who grow the yearly event by creating hilarious and heartwarming commercials that draw non-football fans into the mania. Now there is half of America watching to see who wins the big game and the other half shushing the football fans during commercial breaks so they don’t miss anything.

Even in an era where TiVos and digital cable allow people to never see a commercial again, the Super Bowl is the one time where people get in fights at their parties if they miss that one big commercial. Now the Super Bowl is on its way to becoming a national holiday thanks to advertisers taking advantage of social media.

In previous years, social media was used as an addition to the 30 second TV spots that costs millions of dollars. However, social media did not become a huge part of Super Bowl advertising until the 2013 Black Out happened. The power went out during the game for 34 minutes, delaying the game and leaving the viewers of the Super Bowl bored. Oreo jumped on their Twitter and came up with the fastest and most brilliant marketing move in social media history:

Courtesy of Business Insider

This Tweet was brilliant. Within an hour, it was retweeted 10,000 times and gained thousands more shares on Facebook. Oreo effectively changed the game of social media marketing, forcing companies to get more inventive and stay up-to-the-minute on all opportunities to connect with their audience.

For Super Bowl 2014, companies that spent millions on TV spots realized they could take advantage of free social media to promote their brand even further. This is how companies are using social media platforms to their advantage for the 2014 Super Bowl.

Platforms are being used to advertise the advertisements

This entire week, all of the big name advertisers have been teasing their commercials and starting hashtag campaigns so people can get involved in their content. By effectively engaging users the week before the Super Bowl, the brands see more shares and retweets of their teasers. People trust people more than brands, so when others share their content more people will become excited and engaged in that brand’s message.

Social media allows brands to better connect to their audience

TV advertisements are slowly being killed. Not only does digital TV make the advertisements ineffective, but brands have a difficult time connecting and interacting with their audience through a TV spot. This is where social media steps in. Now advertisers can air their hopefully-classic TV spots and still connect with their audience. Brands can engage with people in real-time, making users feel like they are having a one-on-one conversation with the brand.

Twitter, Facebook, and Google are the most popular platforms for the Super Bowl

These platforms are popular and the best way to reach the largest portion of the Super Bowl audience. The commercials feature hashtags for people to share, a method of streamlining internet conversations on these platforms. The pre-campaigning with these hashtags have also taken place on Twitter, Facebook, and Google, further increasing their effectiveness today.

YouTube is the key platform for Super Bowl Sunday

Even though Twitter, Facebook, and Google are used to start and maintain conversations about brands, YouTube is the key to marketing success for one of the biggest brand advertising days of the year. Brands are posting teasers of their content on YouTube and even starting short stories that will lead up to the big commercial.

For example, Bud Light has been releasing commercial teasers featuring superstars like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Don Cheadle have people amped up to see how great the full commercial is. Another beer brand, Budweiser, released their commercial “Puppy Love” early and won the hearts of everyone on the internet. Even before the Super Bowl has officially started, Budweiser has won the best commercial award with over 33 million views. All of these videos are then shared on other platforms, maximizing their reach and engagement.

UPDATE: What was your favorite 2014 Super Bowl commercial? Let me know in comments or on Twitter @HS_Writing!


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