5 Main Strategies for Twitter Marketing (And Other General Tips)

Twitter is one of the most popular social media tools. Most businesses integrate a Twitter account with their marketing plan, but many do not have the best strategies of how to use it. Developing a comprehensive Twitter strategy will allow you to extend your outreach, increase engagement, and increase lead generation.

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To extend outreach, businesses need to do five main things:

  1. Use hashtags. Utilizing effective hashtags is the first thing you need to do get the attention of followers. If you come up with a creative hashtag that relates to your company while being fun, you can show up in the top Tweets list. For example, if you sell pizza, you could start a hashtag campaign of #funnypizzadelivery where Twitter users can tell stories of funny pizza deliveries they have ordered or received.
  2. Register in directories. Directories will help you find new followers in your city, other leaders in your industry, and anyone who shares the company’s hobbies and ideas. Registering your business Twitter in these directories will help you get more followers.
  3. Build an attractive profile. Your profile needs to be customized with your company’s colors in the design. You should also have a picture of the logo as the profile picture.
  4. Follow relevant people. Find and follow people who are experts in your industry so you can retweet their content and gain new followers. You can also follow customers who Tweet to you or retweet you.
  5. Be consistent with your posts. Figure out the best format for your Tweets and follow it every time you compose one. This will help make your profile look uniform and make people become fond of retweeting your content.

Increasing fan engagement depends entirely on the kind of content you produce. It should be creative and non-promotional. Try to make Tweets that are emotional, such as being funny, controversial, or moving. Tweets need to be genuine and relevant as well. Consider creating and running fun contests that engage users and cause more to follow you. For example, a sketch artist once offered to create a sketch of his first 200,000 followers. This campaign helped him gain hundreds of thousands of new followers and got them engaged and interested in his art.

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To get more lead generation on Twitter, you need to follow certain guidelines.

  • Practice active monitoring in order to respond quickly to followers and be helpful.
  • Let the customer’s needs guide you to figure out what kind of content to Tweet.
  • Keep monitoring feedback from customers, competitors, and employees and make timely adjustments to products, services, and campaigns.
  • Mix paid campaigns with grassroots campaigns in order to get more brand awareness and seem more authentic to your customers.

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You should also utilize Twitter Analytics to see the results of your efforts. Analytics can help you understand how followers grow, how the quality of the content engages internal and external influencers, and how effective the campaign is in driving sales and lead generation. Twitter Analytics provides businesses with:

  • An understanding of how effectively Twitter integrates on their website.
  • Understand how much your website content is being shared on Twitter.
  • See the amount of traffic you get to your website that is directed from Twitter.

Lastly, you need to follow through with your Twitter campaigns and communication from followers. If you have a contest or campaign that requires participation from followers, make sure when it is over you give the winning followers their prize. If you have a small number of followers asking questions, answer them. If there are a large number of followers, pick and choose a few to answer so users know you are engaged and reading their Tweets. This helps them feel loyal to the brand.

Do you have any special Twitter tips that helped your marketing strategy? Let me know in comments or on Twitter @HS_Writing!


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