6 Common Facebook Marketing Mistakes

Social media is the hottest form of marketing right now and everyone is trying to jump on the bandwagon by setting up and marketing Facebook pages. However, many of these companies are making marketing mistakes without realizing it. Companies need to follow a Facebook marketing guide to avoid simple mistakes in the future.

Facebook campaigns that are executed properly will target current and potential customers, track the ROI of campaigns, and grow the business’ influence. Since many companies are only getting on Facebook to cash in on its popularity, they are making these common mistakes in their marketing schemes.

Via Flickr by stoneysteiner

Via Flickr by stoneysteiner

Setting up a personal page instead of a business page

If your profile has the company name on it instead of your name, then you are using Facebook for business wrong. Not only will less people see your page because they have to become friends with you, but it also violates Facebook’s Terms and Services. If Facebook catches a company using profiles this way, it will be deleted. You also only get to approve 5,000 friends, you don’t get advertising tools, and you have to constantly log in and out of your Facebook accounts.

Providing promotional content instead of authentic content

When all of your content is strictly about promoting your company, and it is written in a promotional tone, then customers do not find you authentic. They want fresh, authentic, and informative content. The focus should be on engaging customers with meaningful content, not how much money you can make immediately.

Don’t forget to ask people to engage with your relevant and meaningful content. Ask them to Like, Comment, and Share the post, link, image, or video. Interaction with your posts will increase the chance of the post showing up in your fans’ News Feeds. You can post multiple times during the day at different times during the day for a month or so. Make sure to post lots of different kinds of content. After this time, use analytical tools to find out what time of day and which kind of content audiences most responded to.

Not putting enough time into the page

Lots of businesses set up their page and just leave it. This is a common mistake. You need to be active and present on your Facebook page in order to attract new customers and get more sales from existing customers. Customers expect great content and timely responses to their inquiries. If you are not active on your company page, you will lose customers.

Lacking understanding about Facebook marketing tools

Companies are not exploring all of the mechanics and tools that Facebook offers them, therefore missing out on many growth opportunities. The most common things businesses forget to utilize is a welcome page and filling out the Info tab accurately. Companies also upload their logo as the profile picture, but the thumbnail does not display the whole logo. So customers are getting an incomplete understanding of their brand while on Facebook.

Not tracking conversions

Facebook has great tools that allow companies to track their conversions. This means you get to see how many customers get on your Facebook page and are directed to your website or store to make purchases. It will report how many people made a purchase on your website or signed up for the newsletter.

Buying fans for your page

There are many companies on the internet that offer to buy your fans for your Facebook page. For as little as $10, you can get hundreds of people to Like your page. When you do this, companies are supplying clicks from people in faraway countries, such as Romania. You will most likely not have a market in these countries, so the time and money you are spending advertising on Facebook is wasted on people who cannot or are not interested in buying your product.

What are some Facebook marketing mistakes you see companies do? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @HS_Writing!


5 thoughts on “6 Common Facebook Marketing Mistakes

  1. Oops! How embarrassing if a company doesn’t know enough about social media to create a business page. I think that would be the number one sign that they need to hire a consultant or agency to help them get started. Also, had no idea there’s a 5,000 friend cap on Facebook. I can’t imagine the person that needs more than that!

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