2 Things You Need to Do to Raise Brand Awareness on Instagram

Instagram has often been called Twitter for those who can’t read. While this sounds negative, it is actually innovative. Instagram took the popularity of Twitter and made it more creative and user friendly. Users can take a photo with their smart phone, apply beautiful effects to it, and share it online. This makes it a perfect tool for a business social media plan.

Via Flickr by AleksGrynis

Via Flickr by AleksGrynis

Brands are being pulled into Instagram without trying, since many of its users are taking photos either of or with their brands. Name brands like Starbucks using Instagram’s love of their brand to their advantage. Other businesses can begin to incorporate Instagram into their social media marketing to see higher engagement from their customers.

In order for a marketer to successfully raise brand awareness, there are two things they need to do on Instagram:

Via Flickr by suendercafe

Brand their Instagram content

  • All content shared needs to be authentic. It should be of real people and real things, giving users a unique look at your brand or company. This helps give your brand personality that Instagram users can connect to.
  • Build a calendar around content streams. It should include behind the scenes images, business events, and unique views of your product in a realistic environment. Never put up stock product photos; show the product in its natural setting or how it is used. Mix in the moment content with planned content.
  • All content needs to be interesting, engaging, attractive, emotional, and memorable. Every post should have a purpose to create a certain response in the Instagram user.
  • Consistently post this content. This will help your brand have a strong word of mouth reputation and will keep followers interested in your content.
  • Use hashtags that are relevant to your brand or post. Allow the hashtags to provide a context to your posts. Carefully choose a few staple hashtags that are unique to your brand.

Via Flickr by Photos by Mavis

Build user engagement with the brand

  • Build a relationship with users. Search for users, engage them, and thank them for sharing positive images associated with your brand.
  • Ask users before sharing their positive content with your brand’s media channels. This will make them feel valued by your business.
  • Use a unique hashtag on all of your posts. Over time, users will use this hashtag when posting their own content related to your brand. Encourage users to use your hashtag by holding an Instagram photo contest.
  • Engage users who are sharing negative feedback about your brand. Solve their problem or grievance for them. Always answer questions and supply customer service over Instagram as it comes up.

Via Flickr by suendercafe

Whenever you are on Instagram for your brand campaign, always remember to:

  • Involve your customers so they do the work of sharing your brand for you
  • Give your customers content they can connect with that also aligns with your brand
  • Focus on the experience or emotion your photo project; keep marketing minimal or subtle
  • Share photos that capture the spirit of your brand

What are other ways businesses can get creative with marketing their brand on Instagram? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @HS_Writing!


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