5 Tips for Small Businesses New to Twitter

Twitter is a great platform to take advantage of social media marketing. It works as the perfect addition to your business’ website and blog. However, most businesses starting out do not know how to develop a Twitter marketing strategy. There are five Twitter tips you can follow to increase the potential of your small business marketing.

Via Flickr by mkhmarketing

Via Flickr by mkhmarketing

Pick A Username

The username needs to be the same or similar to your business name. If your company is called How Sweet It Is and you sell cupcakes, do not make a Twitter handle called @redfrosting. It is not related close enough to your business name. However, a Twitter name needs to be short. Users only have 140 characters to complete a thought. If they are trying to communicate with you, your @username is going to take up some of those characters.

For example, @howsweetitis is only thirteen characters, so it would work well as a username. If the name of your cupcake shop was The Ultimate Cupcake Shoppe, it would be too long of a username. Instead, you could shorten it to @ultimatecupcake. Make sure to put your Twitter name as an SEO keyword in all related content you post.

Via Flickr by Garrett Heath

Via Flickr by Garrett Heath

Set Goals for Twitter Marketing

Whenever you set goals for your Twitter marketing, you will see a higher ROI. Goals can be very different depending on your business. Examples include to grow an engaged and loyal following, generate brand awareness and business leads, expand your reach to create buzz, participate in industry thought and discussion to become an eventual thought leader, build community relationships, offer discounts, create better SEO, and more.

Via Flickr by mkhmarketing

Via Flickr by mkhmarketing

Learn How to Communicate on Twitter

There are five types of Twitter messages that you need to understand before jumping on Twitter. The first is a Tweet, which is a message that is sent out to all of your followers.

The second is @Reply, a message that is sent in response to a message you received. It is public and created by putting the @ sign followed by the username of the person who Tweeted you. The third is a Mention, where you include the name of the person you want to see the Tweet, but it is not a reply. This would be written as, “Loved the meeting today with @username!”

Fourth is a Direct Message, or DM. It is a message sent privately to someone on Twitter. The fifth and final kind of a message is a Retweet, or RT. It is when you Retweet a message from someone else so it shows up in your feed. Twitter has the Retweet option underneath every Tweet so it automatically is placed on your feed after clicking the button.

Via Flickr by Rosaura Ochoa

Via Flickr by Rosaura Ochoa

Craft the Perfect Tweets

Tweets need to be completely readable and have maximum Retweet-ability. Since Tweets need to appeal to your followers, you need to consider what content they would like to see from your Tweets. When using a link, do not say anything that is promotional, such as, “Click here to buy!” Also do not say simple things like, “This is cool.”

Life moves pretty fast on Twitter and your Tweet could disappear off a feed in minutes. You need to grab the attention of the follower with an excellent headline that you are linking to. All content in the Tweet, including links, needs to be less than 120 characters. This gives followers plenty of room to Retweet your content without issue. The most obvious tip for a perfect Tweet – use flawless spelling and grammar.

Via Flickr by dullhunk

Via Flickr by dullhunk

Find Followers

Finding followers is an initial hurdle for a Twitter account. Start by asking coworkers, business partners, friends, and family for their Twitter handles so you can follow them. Ask these people to engage with you as you engage with them. Promote your Twitter account on your blog by adding a Follow Me button and by telling readers to follow at the end of every blog post. If you utilize email marketing, include a link to follow you on every email. When you first set up the account, write a blog post and send out an email announcement just for that purpose. Place your Twitter handle on your website, in your brick and mortar store, and on any marketing materials you send out.

What other tips can you offer small businesses trying to implement a social media strategy on Twitter? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @HS_Writing!


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