The 5 Different Types of Business YouTube Videos

More and more businesses are realizing the potential of YouTube video marketing. It is easier for people to digest information when they view it in video form, and videos are shared more than any other kind of content. In order to get the most views and shares, it is important to understand the different types and best business videos on YouTube.

Via Flickr by jm3

Via Flickr by jm3

In just three minutes, businesses can explain and share more information than they can with text. Videos can also make this information more entertaining and accessible. Posting a video can generate thousands of views, much more than you would get with a blog post. It can be shared on any online platform and it can be tailored to each user’s requirements. There are many additional benefits of video advertising, including:

  • Most audiences interact with YouTube videos by browsing through ads and clicking the various video control buttons
  • Videos motivate viewers to engage more with comments than any other form of social media
  • Click through rates are higher for videos with text, banner, and image ads
  • Viewers of YouTube videos watch video ads
  • Demographics and consumer categories can be targeted specifically with video ads
  • Advertisers can easily slot executions online which saves the business time and money skipping the need to create a new execution
Via Flickr by Diana Garcia BOG

Via Flickr by Diana Garcia BOG

Many people make sure to visit YouTube daily to catch up on videos. Since anyone who is watching your video is a potential customer, you need to include your website URL and contact information in the video description and in-video links at the end of the video. There are five kinds of business YouTube videos:

Brand Awareness Videos

These videos are not the same as commercials. They keep the idea of commercials, but use a long stream of videos to tell a story that increases brand awareness. The Old Spice videos on YouTube are a great example of this kind of business video.

No single video should be focused on. Businesses need to think big in order to create a sweeping visionary path for the brand via YouTube. Single videos get lost in YouTube while a series of brand-heightening videos do not. Brand videos need to be strictly entertaining in order to increase the likelihood of their being shared and quoted.

Advertising Videos

These videos can be used to advertise a particular product. YouTube provides a direct approach that allows the videos to be duly informative and entertaining. The brand should still be the focus of these videos.

Advertising videos can also be particularly beneficial for retail stores. These videos can be general or a specific target for short term promotions. In order to get views from these kind of videos, they need to have an educational spin or show a limited offer discount when mentioning a keyword in the video at checkout.

Sales Videos

YouTube videos to generate sales are one of the most popular kinds of videos and can work extremely well at a grassroots level. Show the product in action or show a clip of a service. This generates sales by directing viewers to the website.

When choosing a sales video, be creative. Showcase the product in a strictly non-infomercial format. One of the most creative kinds of sales videos is using the product in a How-To format. There should be a short version of sales videos that can be used for YouTube ads. Focus on the goals of the product that the user will want to know about in order to gain more viewers.

Product and Customer Support Videos

Customer support is one of the biggest considerations people have before buying a product or service. They want to know they will be taken care of in case they have questions or problems. YouTube videos are an innovative way to provide customer support without expanding your customer service team.

Post a huge series of videos on frequently asked questions customers have and add to it every time a new question comes up. Demonstrating possible problems with the product or set up of a product visually resonates more with viewers, allowing them to value your company.

Training Videos

While this will not necessarily increase your sales, training videos are extremely beneficial to put on YouTube. Employees can train at home as well as in the office. They can also be useful to other companies that have similar training procedures which could lead to future partnerships.

How effective do you think these types of YouTube videos are for businesses? Let me know in comments or on Twitter @HS_Writing!


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