4 Ways to Market Your Brand on Instagram

There are four tried and true ways to successfully market a brand on Instagram without users realizing they are being marketed to. Since Instagram is a community of artistic and creative people, you can experiment and find the marketing plan that works best for you. However, these are four existing marketing ideas that brands have successfully used.

Via Flickr by See-ming Lee

Via Flickr by See-ming Lee

  1. Use hashtags to spread brand awareness. Start a hashtag campaign with a specially chosen keyword that fits with your brand identity. Then ask users to post a picture on a certain topic with the hashtag keyword. For example, if you were McDonald’s, you could start an Instagram campaign telling users to post pictures of them eating McDonald’s in exotic places with the hashtag #imlovinit. The winner could receive free Big Macs for a year, or something similar.

    Via Flickr by kurafire

    Via Flickr by kurafire

  2. Give a behind the scenes look. There are many things about your company that many people do not get to experience at their jobs. Post behind the scenes photos with cool filters and frames to make them more Instagram-y. Show the set up and night of an event. Or show the Nerf gun war your office just had. This allows Instagram users to be more connected to the brand.

    Via Flickr by BrentOzar

    Via Flickr by BrentOzar

  3. Show off products in different and natural ways. Show your products in everyday use by your employees. Or have people submit their own photos with your brand name in a hashtag. This is a great idea if you have an actual store people can visit. Have users post pictures of them in your store, using your products, and tell them to tag it #storename. These photos can be shared on your Facebook, Twitter, blog, and website. They are a great way to tell the story of your company.

    Via Flickr by remysharp

    Via Flickr by remysharp

  4. Ask users to post their own Instagram pictures of your brand. Similar to number three, you can have people post their own Instagram pictures of your brand. This can be done in a campaign format, where you remind users to post photos of themselves using your product for a month, then cut back on it. To get maximum user engagement, say that the best filtered photos will be featured on the website. This is perfect if you have a clothing eCommerce store. Have users wear your clothing and submit extra photos along with their Instagram comments on the page of the eCommerce site that sells that piece of clothing.

What are other creative ways to market your brand on Instagram? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @HS_Writing.


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