4 Changes You Need to Make to Your LinkedIn B2B Marketing Plan

LinkedIn is the best platform for social networking for business online. Many businesses and employees are building their LinkedIn profiles in order to network more effectively and generate leads. Many people on LinkedIn, however, are not getting the most they can out of their LinkedIn page. There are certain changes you may need to make to your LinkedIn page in order to increase your B2B marketing prospects.

Via Flickr by Link Humans UK

Via Flickr by Link Humans UK

In order to make the most out of your LinkedIn page, there are four changes you need to make to your B2B strategy:

  1. Optimize your profile. You need to provide a solid description of what products and services your business provides in case someone finds your page. Make this description concise and informative. It should be a snapshot of what you do, not every single little feature your business has. If a prospect is interested, they will contact you for more information.At the bottom of your profile under Advice for Contacting, make sure to list every way possible to contact you. People have different preferences for methods of contacts, so give them a lot of options. Include your website, email, Twitter, Facebook, and any other social media platform with contacting capabilities.
  2. Brand the company page and be active on it. You need to have a products and services tab and post frequent status updates. It is also a good idea to get existing clients to write recommendations and endorse you for the skills you offer. This is a good way to get some buzz generated and be a contributing factor for clients deciding if they want to buy from you.A company page is also a great way for existing customers to ask questions or get support. Make sure to always communicate professionally and with the brand identity in mind. Once you develop a good following on LinkedIn, you can provide special offers on your statuses only for people on LinkedIn.

    Via Flickr by Link Humans UK

    Via Flickr by Link Humans UK

  3. Convert weak social ties into strong ones. Most of the time, your B2B prospects do not convert to customers immediately. Create a LinkedIn group and have all of your prospects and existing customers to join this group. Once prospects see how much your current customers love your products or services, they will convert easily. This has an added benefit of providing a community for your product or service.
  4. Be patient. Profits and leads take time to develop. Being patient while being active on your page will give you ROI in time.

Which aspect of your B2B marketing plan have you seen the most success? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @HS_Writing.


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