6 Ways to Get More Followers on Twitter

Your followers are going to be your greatest Twitter marketing tool. Getting followers can be tricky, especially when you are just beginning an online marketing strategy. While it does take time to get a following, there are six things you can do to increase your follower count without buying fake followers from vendors.

Via Flickr by shawncampbell

Via Flickr by shawncampbell

Do Not Overly Promote

While it is okay to link to blog posts or web pages from your website occasionally, do not spend all of your tweets promoting products or your brand. You will be unfollowed instantly if all of your Tweets look like promotions. Followers consider promotional Tweets as spam. Statistics show:

  • 77% of shared images have no reference to a brand.
  • However, 67% of Twitter followers are more likely to buy from a brand they follow.
Via Flickr by mkhmarketing

Via Flickr by mkhmarketing

Post Images, Videos, and Quotes

Images, videos, and quotes are most often Retweeted than any other kind of Tweet on Twitter. When your content is Retweeted, it reaches more users which gives your brand more exposure. If people like what they see, they will visit your Twitter page and could begin following you.

  • 36% of links shared on Twitter are images
  • 40% of people respond better to visual content than text content
  • There are over 700 YouTube videos shared on Twitter every minute
  • 6 seconds is the average length of a Vine video
  • Inspirational quotes have high engagement on Twitter because people enjoy sharing them with others
Via Flickr by JoshSemans

Via Flickr by JoshSemans

Use Hashtags

Hashtags were originally invented as a kind of SEO keyword method that was used only on Twitter. People would research trending and popular hashtags to add to their Tweets, giving their content more exposure. It became so popular that it began being used on other social media websites.

Hashtags have evolved to be used as a marketing scheme. Businesses will hold contests, prompting followers to answer a question with a Tweet and telling them to add #hashtag at the end of it. Followers do this to win something and gain exposure if their Tweet wins. Hashtags are a great analytical tool, since businesses can track how many people are using their hashtags.

  • Tweets are twice as likely to be Retweeted if they have a #hashtag
  • Follower engagement will be 21% higher if there are two #hashtag #hashtag
  • Using a #hashtag contest can increase followers by the hundreds or thousands
Via Flickr by MDGovpics

Via Flickr by MDGovpics

Keep Tweets Short

Each user is only allowed 140 characters in their Tweet. Businesses often make the mistake of using up all of their characters. Instead, their Tweets should be 100 characters or less. This gives people room to RT and reply to your Tweets. If you include links in your posts, they should be 120 characters or less to give users room to RT.

  • There is a 21% higher engagement rate for Tweets under 100 characters
Via Flickr by Rosaura Ochoa

Via Flickr by Rosaura Ochoa

Include Calls to Action

You need to tell your followers what actions to take in your Tweets. If you post links, include an engaging headline and, on the linked page, tell users to comment and share. If you are sending out photos, videos, or text Tweets, tell your followers to Retweet the content. Including calls to action will help increase user response and engagement.

  • When asking for a “RT”, brands get a Retweet rate that is 12 times higher
  • When brands ask their followers for a “Retweet”, the Retweet rate is 23 times higher.
Via Flickr by mkhmarketing

Via Flickr by mkhmarketing

Interact with the Twitter Community

When followers or non-followers send you a Tweet, mention you in a Tweet, reply to a Tweet, or send you a Direct Message, you need to reply to them as soon as possible. Every time you communicate with someone on Twitter, it needs to short, courteous, and show off the personality of your brand. Consider joining a Twitter Chat. Industries hold Twitter Chats to talk about certain topics. Join them and engage with the industry and other user’s comments.

  • Follow users who follow your users since they will likely have similar interests and begin following your business on Twitter
  • Use the #Discover section of your dashboard to find who Twitter recommends you follow

Which of these strategies do you believe is most successful? Let me know in comments or on Twitter @HS_Writing!


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