The Best Ways to Use YouTube for Business

Videos are extremely powerful, making for the best business advertising. YouTube has become one of the best platforms for using YouTube for marketing. It is free, easy to use, and available to the mass market. Creating professional YouTube videos allow you to take advantage of the marketing potential.

Uploading business videos to YouTube will not immediately show results. It takes time and consistency for your videos to gain popularity and ROI. Focus on creating quality and valuable content in order to reach a successful level.

You will need to create an individual channel for your brand. Not only will it host the videos you upload, but it will also show every video you like and favorite. A channel also gives you the opportunity to create playlists based on categories of videos. For example, if you have some How-To videos along with breaking news about your company, make playlists for each kind.

After you have created a YouTube channel, there are certain things you need to do to effectively utilize YouTube for marketing.


Via Flickr by alicegop

Content Needs to Be Relevant and Fill a Need

You need to post valuable information that entertains as well. This will help generate loyalty and trust to the company from viewers. Content should not resemble a commercial in any way. Traditional advertising does not work on YouTube. There is a large, creative community on YouTube. Your videos need to be engaging and creative in ways that are usually not found on television or radio.

These videos tell a story that, while advertising a product or service, are also entertaining enough for people to share with their friends without feeling like they are promoting anything. This will increase your brand awareness and exposure.

Via Flickr by Jeffrey Beal

Via Flickr by Jeffrey Beal

Give the Business a Face

The YouTube community wants to hear, see, and interact with real people. This means your business needs a face. When viewers read anything your company writes, either in comments, on the website, or a blog, they will picture that face in the videos saying it. Instead of just being on paper, you become a three dimensional company.

Videos can either feature an engaging actor, like the Old Spice videos, or an actual spokesperson from your company. Using real people consistently in videos helps build the relationship between the viewer and the company. This converts viewers into long term customers.

Via Flickr by leti_valde94

Via Flickr by leti_valde94

Videos Need to Be Quick and Engaging

Professional videos can be made cheaply now since cameras are cheap. Videos will look more professional when the camera is placed on a tripod. When doing the videos yourself, you can film them in the morning and have them posted after lunch.

Outline a script and rehearse it before filming. It needs a beginning, middle, and end and needs to be short. Two to four minutes is the best length for YouTube videos. Any longer and people will not stay engaged. Any shorter and you risk not getting your message across.

Via Flickr by SEOPlanter

Via Flickr by SEOPlanter

Use SEO in the Video

More than 24 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. This means you need to take every measure possible to allow your video to be found, both on and off YouTube. Google owns YouTube, meaning the correct keyword usage can help your video get to the top of search engine ranks.

The targeted keywords need to be in the first few words of the title. A colon should be added after the keywords and then the title should be rephrased for a better effect. For example: “SEO Keywords: Using Words to Your Search Engine Advantage.” Start your description with the full URL and do not limit yourself on how many words you put in the description. Describe the video, the company, the product in the video, and add all links to all your sites. Make sure the tags contain all related and relevant keywords.

Via Flickr by MySign AG

Via Flickr by MySign AG

Share and Interact After Posting the Video

Do not just post the video and leave it on your channel. Feature your channel on your website. Embed videos into your website and blog posts. Share videos on Facebook, Twitter, and all other social media websites your business have. Encourage friends, family, coworkers, and employees share the video to get the ball rolling. Any time anyone comments on the video, either within YouTube or where you share it, respond to comments and interact with your viewers.

What else can businesses do on YouTube to help market their business? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @HS_Writing!


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