3 LinkedIn Tools Your Business Needs to Use

LinkedIn is the ultimate social media platform for B2B companies. Traditional social media rules don’t apply when it comes to this platform. Businesses need to be more innovative when using LinkedIn. Luckily, these three tools will help you make the most out of the profitable business platform.

Via Flickr koka_sexton

Via Flickr koka_sexton

LinkedIn Groups and Answers

This tool allows you to target people who are already looking for your product or service. Instead of pushing people to get interested in your brand, you are pulling people in who already have an interest in it. LinkedIn lets you find these people and join in their conversations that are related to your products or services.

Via Flickr clasesdeperiodismo

Via Flickr clasesdeperiodismo

LinkedIn Advanced People Search

This tool allows you to build a network of prospects that benefits your brand in the long run. Add people that are part of your target audience and begin to communicate with them without being overly pushy. Being too pushy will result in a backlash against your brand. A premium account will help make this process quicker and allow you to balance on the fine line between communicator and salesman.

Via Flickr ekelly89

Via Flickr ekelly89

LinkedIn Advertising

This tool is completely worth the cost a business page has to pay. The tool targets people on LinkedIn by job function and gives a great ROI. A self-advertising begins at $2 per click, giving better results than when a business targets the mid-bottom section of an organizational pyramid. To target the upper section of a pyramid for high B2B results, look into LinkedIn custom ads and solutions. A minimum budget of $2,000 is needed for this kind of advertising, but it gives you better reach and higher leads. This is the best way to beat out the competition.

Which tool do you find most effective for your B2B company? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @HS_Writing.


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