Increasing Your Lead Generation with Pinterest

When you get advice from social media experts (like myself), you will often hear that using images is one of the most effective engagement tactics for any social media platform. When it comes to Pinterest, a heavy image-based platform, engagement is only achieved when you have outstanding visuals and great content. Achieving this allows you to unlock a secret bonus of Pinterest users – lead generation.

Via Flickr mkhmarketing

Via Flickr mkhmarketing

Pinterest users are a group of people who are actively looking for things to do or buy. On Facebook and Twitter, you have to convince the audience scrolling through friends’ latest updates to stop and look at your product or service. On Pinterest, the audience is already looking for inspiration. There are certain tactics you can use to increase your lead generation and conversion rates, including:

  • Host a guest board. Allowing followers to post to a guest board on your business account gets customers engaged with the brand, creates more interest in the brand, and will give you valuable insight on their preferences.
  • Create contests. Contests can be held in many ways, either by having customers pin their own pictures of your products to their boards, or by repining five of their favorite products with the opportunity to win one. Contests increase your brand exposure.
  • Show off the personality of the brand. Each business has ideas, values, and culture that they are proud of. Pin about these things, even if they are not directly related to your brand. If your employees have a penchant for funny “I did something wrong” dog sign photos, then start a board about it. These other boards make your business seem personable and authentic.
  • Pin videos. Videos provide more dimension to your brand. Pin videos that are how-to’s relevant to your products, or pin videos that convey your thoughts and emotions in a more actionable way.
Via Flickr ShardsofBlue

Via Flickr ShardsofBlue

When you use these tactics, you accomplish three things:

  1. Increase your brand awareness. This is done by establishing yourself as an authority in your market. If you sell pet care products, create boards that are only for informational content about pet grooming. This does not have to be content you created. Find reputable and non-competitive sources on the internet with great content and pin it to your account. Followers will consider you the go-to source for all information on pet care, or whatever your market niche is.
  2. Expand your reach on the internet. Collaboration is the key to expanding your reach. Pin on group boards and have others pin on your group board. Contact the people you feature on your boards to become Pinterest marketing partners. Make sure these partnered people are in your market niche.
  3. Drive traffic to your website. Pinterest drives more referral traffic than LinkedIn, Google+, and YouTube combined. This means you need to pin excellent content. Pinterest users love content that combines images with information that solves a problem, inspires, offers something desirable, or appeals to hobbies and activities.

What else do you think businesses can do to increase their engagement and therefore their lead generation? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @HS_Writing!


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