The Stats Don’t Lie – Blogs Are A Powerful Revenue Generator

Social media is very popular for marketing right now. There is a lot of debate about which social media platform is the best to market one, but the debate overlooks the importance of blogs. Blogs allow a business to produce content that is worthwhile to their consumers. Your marketing strategies should incorporate blogging for business to get higher SEO ranks.

Via Flickr Maria Reyes-McDavis

Via Flickr Maria Reyes-McDavis

The numbers themselves speak for how important it is for a business to keep and maintain a blog that produces high quality and industry relevant content with proper SEO keyword placement.

  • 88% of companies who blog get more leads every month than companies who do not.
  • 55% of companies that blog will get more traffic to their website.
  • 57% of companies that blog will most likely get a customer from their blog.
  • 78% of companies that blog daily get customers strictly from their blog.
  • 92% of companies that blog multiple times a day will receive the most new customers directly from their blog.

There are many free and popular blogger websites, such as WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, and TypePad. They let you create your own blog with various customizable options. Some blogs do a better job appearing in search results than others, do your research to find the hosting platform that is best for your company.

Whenever a business blogs, it allows them to get involved in their community, create great content that will be shared, and start conversations that are time relevant. Other social media platforms can be utilized to spread the blog to reach new audiences. There are three major benefits of blogging for business – thought leadership, SEO increase, and accumulate social media followings.

Via Flickr Rosaura Ochoa

Via Flickr Rosaura Ochoa

Thought Leadership

Whenever businesses take the initiative to spread valuable content about their niche to consumers, they slowly become the leaders in this train of thought. When you position yourself as an expert on the field, visitors understand your authority on the subject. All it takes is for you to be yourself and share the wealth of knowledge you have gained in the industry. Material for blog posts can contain frequently asked questions, opinions on issues in your field, and problems you solved at work that week.

Via Flickr SEOPlanter

Via Flickr SEOPlanter

SEO Increase

New content gets way higher search engine rankings than static pages on your website. In order to get high SEO rankings, you need to know how to use SEO keywords properly. You can research this online, buy textbooks on the subject, or hire a company who specializes in SEO keywords. What is nice about SEO is, if you figure out how to do it right, then you don’t have to pay for Google AdWords or sponsored links to get more views on your blog. Instead, an SEO-optimized blog will get views, comments, and shares on its own. It takes some time for a blog to get popular, so be patient and use SEO keywords correctly.

Via Flickr Nicole Yeary

Via Flickr Nicole Yeary

Accumulate Social Media Followers

When you create a blog with high quality content, you need to share it on all social media sites you use. This provides your customers with value. Providing value in social media will help you accumulate more followers on these platforms. When you create your own content, you can integrate easily with your social media and people will share it to give more exposure to your website.

What are your favorite business blogs? Let me know in comments or on Twitter @HS_Writing!


2 thoughts on “The Stats Don’t Lie – Blogs Are A Powerful Revenue Generator

  1. You’re right…the stats don’t lie! I feel like basically every business can benefit from blogging. It’s a great way to share useful and relative information without trying to sell a product.

    • Exactly. It is important that businesses don’t try to sell a product or service, just talk about the industry. I often have to remind my clients about this.

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