How Many Tweets Should Your Business Respond To?

One of the best things about Twitter is the ability for businesses to quickly and easily interact with their followers. Celebrities have used Twitter to build an image of their brand where fans can openly communicate with them. Communication is one of the best Twitter tools you have, and using it will help you seem authentic and increase your Twitter followers.

Via Flickr Garrett Heath

Via Flickr Garrett Heath

Respond to Questions

Communication on the internet is the same as having a conversation in real life. If someone asked you a question, you would not just walk away without answering. On Twitter, any time a user asks you a question, you need to respond either with a @mention or a direct message. For questions that many people would have, use @mention. For more specific questions, respond in direct message. You don’t want to clutter your follower’s feed with questions they don’t care about.

Respond to Comments

The comment should be exceptionally moving or positive. Do not respond to users who just say, “Awesome website!” RT too many inane positive comments causes your brand to lose authenticity. If the user did not ask for a response, then do not reply. Cluttering people’s feeds wastes your followers’ time and bandwidth.

Every now and then, RT a Tweet that mentions you positively. This should be a great Tweet, such as, “Just got my shirt from @tshirts! I am so excited to wear it out tonight!” This is a good thing to RT every now and then with a thank you comment and a link to the shirt on your eCommerce website.

Respond to Insults or Complaints

Before responding to these kinds of Tweets, remember to never get nasty or start a flame war. Many people on Twitter are putting this kind of content out there in order to get a rise out of others. They feel safe on the anonymous internet. Everything you do on Twitter reflects the business, so every time you communicate it needs to remain professional.

Instead, respond with helpful solutions to their issues. You also need to find out the percentage of people on Twitter who do not care about your brand and who will only Tweet you to start problems. Ignore the people who are intentionally trying to cause problems and save your resources for people who actually need customer service.

How often should you respond? Some experts say as often as possible to respond to everyone, but many followers do not like their feed to be cluttered with a business responding to every comment or inquiry they receive. This tactic can result in a loss of followers.

A better rule of thumb is to only respond to the kind of Tweets mentioned above and only if they are very strong. Also, only respond to Tweets within 24 hours of their being sent. Any longer and it makes your brand seem less authentic.

While you need to respond to both negative and positive comments, you need to do so by keeping your brand in mind. Be consistent with your voice and brand personality on all Twitter communications. Sometimes, brands do not respond to Tweets that mention their name, but do not use the @mention tool. This means a slew of Tweets get lost in the space of the internet. Businesses need to use a social media management tool in order to receive both kinds of messages. This will help your brand seem more reachable to all users.

What kind of responses from businesses annoy your Twitter feed? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @HS_Writing!


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