How to Successfully Perform Content Marketing

Content marketing is the base of all successful business marketing and internet marketing strategies. Many businesses try to regularly put content into the world without setting up a plan for it. There is a six step process you need to follow in order to create a successful content marketing plan.

Via Flickr Pink Sherbert Photography

Via Flickr Pink Sherbert Photography

What should the business accomplish?

Before putting any content on the internet, you need to figure out some basics. Businesses want to jump in and start putting content on the web. However, you will have better results with your content marketing campaign if you brainstorm and document what exactly your content should accomplish. Consider these questions when deciding the goal of the campaign:

  • Do you want new clients or customers?
  • Are you interested in cross-selling?*
  • Do you have new products to launch?
  • Do you want to be an industry thought leader?
Via Flickr ChrisL_AK

Via Flickr ChrisL_AK

Research the target audience.

After you have decided what the goal is for the marketing campaign, you need to research the audience that will be targeted. If you are cross-selling, this is a B2B campaign and you need to research fellow businesses in your industry. If it is to be a thought leader, you need to research what kind of content audiences will use the most. Overall, research:

  • Buyer personality and their segmentation
  • Keywords the audience would use when searching for products or services in your industry
  • Competitor’s SEO strategy and their results
  • How competitors use social media marketing platforms in the industry
  • The formats the target audience prefers
Via Flickr Pink Sherbert Photography

Via Flickr Pink Sherbert Photography

Plan your marketing scheme.

You need to plan, optimize, and manage your initiatives for your content marketing plan. All of this needs to be documented by:

  • Finding out what content marketing needs to do for the business
  • Write down the goals, the plan to achieve the goals, and indicators to prove the success of the goals
  • Make sure everyone involved with content marketing has a copy and complete understanding of the plan

You need to be able to manage workflow when creating the content. One of the best ways to do this is to put someone in charge of your content marketing plan. They will execute the goals that are desired and organize all of the avenues the content will use.

Via Flickr Book Work Laser Design

Via Flickr Book Work Laser Design

Create the content and publish it on social media outlets.

When creating content, it needs to fit the needs of the target audience. It should answer a question or be useful in some way. Make sure to:

  • Create content in many different formats that can be used by the audience
  • Create content for each stage of a buying cycle
  • Optimize the content by using SEO keywords efficiently
  • Keep producing content and do consistently, either every day or the same three days a week

Content is the most successful when it is posted on social media sites because:

  • Social media increases awareness of your business to impact lead generation
  • 70% of consumers will click through to a business’ website or blog after content is shared on social media
  • All social signals, such as likes, retweets, +1’s, comments, shares, and mentions, influence Google rankings which increase the business online exposure
Via Flickr greyweed

Via Flickr greyweed

Promote your content.

Simply publishing the content online and sharing it on social media is not enough to create a successful marketing campaign. You need to promote it in order to make the content more viral and make the business gain more exposure. Content can be promoted by:

  • Using social media to distribute content
  • Build internal links to create authority
  • Respond to comments and feedback to get more user engagement
  • Use bookmarking sites such as Pinterest, Reddit, and StumbleUpon
Via Flickr Bob Massa

Via Flickr Bob Massa

Use analytics to measure success.

Analytics are going to become your best friend. There are many different kinds of analytics tools that will help you track the success of your campaign, including:

  • Google analytics
  • Social media platform analytics tools
  • Marketing KPIs, or Key Performance Indicators

*You would suggest related products or services to consumers who cannot find the perfect thing with your business. The benefit of this the business you refer consumers to will also refer consumers to your business in the future.


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