Choosing a Twitter Tone for Your Brand

Twitter is a great platform to perfect your social media branding for your business. Part of creating a brand using Twitter as a marketing tool is getting the tone in your Tweets right. There are three kinds of tones that work for your Twitter brand – fun, informative, and helpful.

Social media experts say it is best to pick two of these tones for your Tweets in order to create a brand voice. Many businesses think they need to be fun and light hearted on Twitter when they actually should stick to the identity of their brand. There are a few things to keep in mind when establishing your brand’s tone on Twitter.

Via Flickr Jared W. Smith

Via Flickr Jared W. Smith

Twitter is a Branding Exercise

Most companies already have a brand identity. However, on Twitter the brand gets an opportunity to express itself. This is why it is important to decide the tone of your Tweets. Brands are usually constructed very formally. Before making a brief, the brand has to go through a process where clear and strategic guidelines are presented. This is difficult to follow, however, when you are trying to communicate in a conversational tone on Twitter.

When preparing a brand tone for Twitter, the company needs to talk about the brand’s personality and human characteristics. The voice needs to reflect the personality of the brand in sounding human. Maybe you can have a representative send personalized Tweets and photos out on Twitter to make the brand communicate casually. Or you can create a character that represents the brand on Twitter. There are many creative approaches to take when establishing a brand voice.

Via Flickr philcampbell

Via Flickr philcampbell

Don’t Be Influenced by Community Peer Pressure

Some brands see the demographic of their audience on Twitter and try to imitate the way they communicate. This is a bad idea. At the end of the day, you always need to stick to your brand’s identity. Sometimes companies think that a person will protect them from negative comments about their brand, but it only comes across as inauthentic.

There is no need to put on a mask that is different from your brand in order to communicate with your audience. Most people do not want to become friends with their brands, much like most people are not friends with their parents. Instead, they want to be able to establish a dialogue with a brand they enjoy using.

Via Flickr philcampbell

Via Flickr philcampbell

Twitter is More Than an RSS Feed

Your Twitter account for your brand is a platform that allows your brand to become human and communicate with an audience. It is not a place to post a series of links to products, website pages, or news about your brand. While it is okay to post links occasionally, you need to have a real person post the links with commentary that gives it context. Use Twitter as an opportunity to show a behind the scenes look at your brand and start a discussion about your brand on the internet. It is always a great way to communicate with and get to know your audience, building a loyal following. Let an RSS feed do its work and keep Twitter as a communication tool.

Via Flickr IssacMao

Via Flickr IssacMao

Find Out How You Would Like to Use Twitter to Communicate

Before you can establish a voice, you need to decide how your brand will best communicate on Twitter. Establish what the marketing goal of Twitter will be for the brand and post valuable content that achieves that. For example, a Twitter can be used to increase brand awareness and engagement. Ask questions to your audience, start a hashtag contest or discussion, and post photos that will help increase brand awareness.

Don’t just talk about all of your products and services. Share your passion for your brand in multiple ways, not just talking about yourself. For instance, if you sell cameras, post a photo one of your employees took with a camera or post an article about the joys of photographing.

Which brands do you think have the best Twitter tone? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @HS_Writing! Personally, I like Taco Bell’s college friend tone.


2 thoughts on “Choosing a Twitter Tone for Your Brand

  1. Well besides your adorable pictures making me want a cookie, I think this is one of the most crucial steps you need to take before you start posting. I really liked your idea of creating a character, per se, and making them your voice. I have my first meeting with a new client today and we are going to have to figure out what voice we want to express for Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Any more in-depth suggestions with how to define (and stick to) a voice?

    • I would keep their brand tone the same on all platforms. Just change the content a little bit to suit each platform, obviously. Since you are going to meet with a client in person, get a feel for their business and how their employees interact with each other and the customers. Add that with their business goals, offerings, and message and you can come up with a great tone for social media. It is like traditional marketing where you find a cute catchphrase and scene for a campaign, but you are doing it all the time on social media. This is why writers are so good at being managers of social media accounts – they have the creativity to invent a character for the platforms and play them all the time.

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