Stats Don’t Lie – How Pinterest Increases Your Online Sales

Pinterest is the third most popular social media website, yet it is ranked number one above Facebook and Twitter for driving spontaneous online shopping sales. This is because Pinterest is a community of creative people that want to find discover products, craft projects, and inspiring images. When you sell online, Pinterest can be a huge asset in increasing your online sales.

Via Flickr MKH Marketing

Via Flickr MKH Marketing

The statistics speak for themselves when looking at how beneficial Pinterest is for online sales:

  • The daily number of Pinterest users has grown by 145% in the past year.
  • Unique visitors are up 2700% since May of 2012.
  • The growth of Pinterest is better than Facebook and Twitter at the same point in their history.
  • Referral traffic from Pinterest to stores is more than Google+, LinkedIn, and YouTube combined. Pinterest is about to beat out Twitter for referral traffic and is still behind Facebook.
  • Apparel referral traffic has risen by 289% from Pinterest since 2011.
  • Pinterest pins with prices get 36% more Likes than those without. Without a price, a pin gets 1.1 Likes on average. With a price, a pin gets 1.5 Likes on average.
  • Social media driven revenue to stores from Pinterest is growing considerably. From 2011 to 2012, revenue from Pinterest increased 16%. Twitter and Facebook’s revenue went down in this same time period.
  • Buyers referred from Pinterest are 10% more likely to buy a product. They also spend 10% more than those from other social media sites and 70% more than traffic from websites.
  • Brands have an easier time connecting to their target markets on Pinterest than any other social media site.

Do you think all retail stores need Pinterest in their social media marketing plan? Why or why not? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @HS_Writing!


3 thoughts on “Stats Don’t Lie – How Pinterest Increases Your Online Sales

  1. Yes Yes Yes! All retail stores should have Pinterest for sure. Only 20% of pins on Pinterest are original content and 70% of pinners go to Pinterest for inspiration to buy. It would really be foolish not to take full advantage of a nearly free opportunity to build new relationships and market your business.

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