Increasing Your Brand’s Awareness on Facebook without Paying for Advertising

Businesses have trouble using their brand identity strategies on Facebook without breaking the bank. While Facebook supplies great advertising tools, they often cost businesses money. If you are on a budget, there are many Facebook marketing strategies that will do a great job increasing your brand awareness.

Building brand awareness helps people identify with and remember your brand. Look at McDonald’s and Coca-Cola. Even with their many design changes over the years, their brand is instantly recognizable and brings to mind certain things. This is from years of reaching out to audiences with mass marketing that costs millions.

With the invention of social media, businesses can experience the same growth and awareness that these name brand companies have without spending millions on advertising. Facebook has over 500 million users, providing businesses with an amazing pool of people to recognize their brand. There are four ways you can get your brand to millions without paying a cent.

Via Flickr Chris Bannister

Via Flickr Chris Bannister

Make a Facebook Page and Share It On Social Media Sites

This is the first thing you need to do if you want to market on Facebook – create a business page. This is entirely different from creating a profile, which is what you do when you first log onto Facebook. The landing page needs to be nice to look at, interesting, and fun in order to encourage people to Like the page and follow your updates.

On other social media accounts and your website, put a link to your Facebook page telling visitors to get onto Facebook and Like the business. Don’t stop with social media – offer customers to Like you on Facebook in your physical store, if you have one, and on all printed marketing materials.

Via Flickr Pink Sherbert Photography

Via Flickr Pink Sherbert Photography

Post Authentic, Rich, and Varied Content

The content you post to your Facebook page should not be overly promotional or only promotional. Post links to your blog where you inform or entertain readers on things related to your market. You can even post links to articles from non-competitive sources. Anything you post on Facebook needs to be conversational. Avoid typing words in all capital letters, exclamation points, or technical terms. Pretend like your business page is another friend on Facebook.

Facebook users like images and videos, so make sure to spice up your page’s feed with lots of this content. It can be photos of your products with the latest deals and prices, or it can be funny photos that engage users and cause them to share. You can also post moving stories or funny work happenings from your day. Facebook can act as a behind the scenes look at your business, making your brand feel more authentic.

Via Flickr Pink Sherbert Photography

Via Flickr Pink Sherbert Photography

Craft and Submit Press Releases to Share

This is one of the best ways to raise brand awareness. Write a newsworthy and compelling press release about a new product, service, events, or information related to your business. If you sell computer software, write about a new law enacted on software trademarks, but include a quote from your business and an About Us section at the bottom. This gives people news-relevant information and it subtly promotes your brand’s knowledge and authority on the niche.

Look up how to write PRs correctly and post them to press release websites. There are many free sites that post your press releases on the internet. From there, copy the link of the posted press release onto your Facebook page. Don’t forget to post a link to your company’s Facebook page in the press release in order to cross-link your information and gain more exposure.

Via Flickr Pink Sherbert Photography

Via Flickr Pink Sherbert Photography

Give Fans Exclusive Deals and Content

When people Like your page, they are doing you a great service. Every time a user Likes a page, it shows up on their news feed to their friends. Their friends can proceed to click on your page to learn more about what you do. This kind of loyalty and free advertising needs to be rewarded. Offer exclusives just to Facebook users who have liked your page. Give them a code that offers free shipping, a percentage off of their total order, or a buy one get one free deal. This will increase their loyalty and make them more willing to spread your brand to others.


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