Making Content Shareable on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is known as a platform for employees to show off their skills and ambitions in order to get jobs or network. It is also a great way to share conversations about professional topics with nearly two million groups. When using LinkedIn for business marketing, you may not be seeing the results you want out of your shared content. There are a few things you can do to improve your shared content marketing strategy.

Via Flickr Link Humans UK

Via Flickr Link Humans UK

Why your content is not being shared can be contributed to the change in Google’s content standards. They are focusing on quality content. Google has complicated algorithms that search all content on the internet. One of the things they look at is keywords and make sure there is no keyword stuffing in the article. Content also cannot only be optimized for keywords; it needs to be quality. You can make these changes to your LinkedIn content to make it more shareable and Google friendly.

  • Make content industry specific.
    No matter how “boring” your industry is, LinkedIn gives you plenty of opportunities to create great shareable content. Look for groups with your target keywords or that are about your industry. This will help you find passionate people that will tell you your industry is far from boring. They will give you inspiration for great content. You also have the option to curate excellent content. This is how you can quickly and easily make blog posts relevant to the LinkedIn group. There are many tools online that allow you to create streams of content on specific topics and share them in a group.
  • Include photos with calls to action.
    Whenever you share an article on LinkedIn, no matter where, the site will post the image in the article as the preview. This is a perfect place to include a call to action because the reader’s attention is already drawn there. Tell readers to click there to learn more about the specific topic.
  • Share guest posted content.
    It is very easy for LinkedIn to flag your content as spam even if the content is extremely valuable. This is because other businesses have ruined the promotional content game. Some marketers have spammed groups with links back to their website, making moderators in groups very cautious about shared content. To share your content without getting it flagged as spam, focus on sharing guest posted content. Moderators will accept this because a guest poster will not be trying to showcase and advertise your brand throughout the content.
  • Write about LinkedIn.
    LinkedIn is a valuable business tool, but many users feel like they are missing out on all the LinkedIn has to offer. If you take the lead and write content about how to best use LinkedIn, it will be more valuable to users. Writing this kind of content can help your business reach wider audiences, increasing the lead generation potential.

    What is great about this kind of content is it cuts through the clutter and appeals to everyone on LinkedIn. It will engage your target audience and drive them to action. Make your content about specific points on LinkedIn, such as reviews of which groups are the best for certain industries. Not all of your content should be about LinkedIn, but some of it can be a great way to grab attention.

  • Combine your LinkedIn content strategy with your overall marketing strategy.
    In order to make content successful on LinkedIn, it needs to correlate with a big picture marketing strategy. The content needs to help drive traffic, leads, and sales to your website at the end of the day. Allow your content to drive traffic to your website without creating spam.

What kind of content do you love and hate to see on LinkedIn? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @HS_Writing!


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