The Different Kinds of Twitter Chats

Many businesses know they need a Twitter for their marketing campaign. They have an account and follow the best Twitter business practices. But many do not use Twitter chats to their advantage. Using the Twitter chat tool will engage your followers and generate new leads.

Via Flickr danielmoyle

Via Flickr danielmoyle

Twitter chats get people to stop scrolling and to engage in in-depth discussions about a certain topic. A person or a business will set a time and duration for the chat. They then spread the word to get others to join in using hashtags with the name of the business and chat after it, such as: #NameChat. There is usually a leader of the chat who welcomes users and keeps things on track and on topic. There are some different kinds of Twitter chats:

  • Chats with no agenda. These kinds of chats are usually spontaneous without a leader or moderator. They are very casual and anyone can join in.
  • Chats about a specified topic. After a particular topic is posted, everyone will Tweet about that topic.
  • Chats with an expert. This kind of chat features an expert or famous speaker. People can join in by asking that person questions.
  • Chats with a posed question. This chat is when a leader poses a question and users participate to answer the question.
  • Chats about an event with a hashtag. This is very common on television. For example, How I Met Your Mother puts the hashtag #HIMYM on the bottom of the screen at the beginning of the episode to remind people to Tweet about the episode. Other shows, like The Voice, will do the same thing and read off Tweets during the live show.

Have you ever participated in a Twitter Chat? How did you feel about it? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @HS_Writing!


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