Beyond the Stats – 4 Actual Ways Pinterest Increases Your Online Sales

Pinterest is the third most popular social media website, yet it is ranked number one above Facebook and Twitter for driving spontaneous online shopping sales. This is because Pinterest is a community of creative people that want to find discover products, craft projects, and inspiring images. When you sell online, Pinterest can be a huge asset in increasing your online sales.

There are many ways businesses can take advantage of Pinterest to increase their sales. By implementing four simple strategies, you can increase your revenue and convert more Pinterest users into loyal customers.

Via Flickr Pinkpoppy

Via Flickr Pinkpoppy

Make Pins Resonate with Users

Pins need to contain professional and high quality photos or collages. Do not just pin stock product photos that can be found on your retail website. Products should not be from your eCommerce website. Instead, it should be how the products look when they are being used. If you sell clothing, have people wear them doing everyday things. If you sell kitchen appliances, show them being used on a kitchen counter with food all around.

You could also create something called a Pinographic. This is a single pin that has a series of images that are instructive. They tell a user how to do something or how a product works. A business that sells clothes can create a Pinographic advising users how to best wear their styles.

Via Flickr stevendepolo

Via Flickr stevendepolo

Change Your Goal to Getting Repins Instead of Sales

In order to make sales, you need to get a lot of repins. Research shows that 19% of purchases were recommended by a friend and 24% through a stranger’s Pinterest. Only 7% of purchases were made from pins found on a retailer’s board and 10% through a Pinterest search. Creating excellent pins will increase the chance of them being repined.

Via Flickr DaveOnFlickr

Via Flickr DaveOnFlickr

Connect with Repinners

40% of Pinterest-directed purchases were made within a week of original pinning. 80% of purchases are made within three weeks of a pin. This means you have a three week window to make a sale happen.

Look at your Pinterest analytics and look at your most recent repins from followers. Engage with these people by reaching out and offering to answer any questions a customer has about the product they have pinned. This helps keep your brand in the repinner’s mind during the critical three week window.

Via Flickr SCHW4G3R

Via Flickr SCHW4G3R

Run Promotions and Contests

Pinterest contests come in many different forms. You can have your pinner’s post a photo of themselves using the product, or ask people to repin one of your pins in order to enter into a sweepstakes. David’s Bridal often holds contests where they ask people to go through one of their many boards and pin five things from the board that they like onto the user’s wedding board. This enters them into a contest where they can win a Visa gift card.

Do you think all retail stores need Pinterest in their social media marketing plan? Why or why not? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @HS_Writing!


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