3 MORE Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Blog

Building a blog is simple and it is also a smart business decision for SEO rankings and company relevancy. Many businesses are disappointed, however, when their blog receives little traffic. There are ways to six ways increase traffic to site and promote your blog without breaking the bank or seeming inauthentic.

Via Flickr Rosaura Ochoa

Via Flickr Rosaura Ochoa

  1. Use links, keywords, and photos. Use keywords in your blog and make sure you are doing it right for SEO optimization. There are many basic SEO guides on the internet that will be more than enough information for you to keyword blogs correctly. Carry that knowledge for your website as well. Make your content varied with links to other places, quotes from people, and mentions of famous people or organizations.

    Make sure blog posts are laid out in a way that is easy for people to engage with and scan easily. When people open a blog post and see a huge block of text, they rarely read it. Text needs to be broken into chunks, divided with sub headers, and sprinkled with bullet points. This breaks up the information and makes it easier to digest. Photos are another great way to do this. Photos help break up a blog. Having a blog post full of photos or GIFs is also very popular right now and highly engages readers.

  2. Consider your titles and URL. The title of the blog is what makes people click on it to open. A good title catches reader attention and should be controversial, use a common saying, hints at conflict, has action, poses a question, and more. The URL of the blog is another first impression factor that will make people click on the blog or avoid it like the plague. The URL needs to be short, easy to spell, and easy to remember. URLs can be shortened for sharing through popular link shortening sites, such as Bitly and Tiny URL.
  3. Use social media to share your posts. Together, popular networks such as Google+, Facebook, and Twitter have over one billion users. People on these sites invest a significant amount of their time scrolling through feeds and profiles. To get more traffic to your blog, post a link to the blog post on your social media profiles. Interact with anyone responses to the blog post on these social media sites, including a “Thanks for sharing!” message. Make sure your profiles on these sites are completely filled out with an accurate profile picture and adequate information.

Don’t forget to look at the three other ways you can increase traffic to your blog on last Sunday’s post!


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