5 Ways to Become an Expert on Google+ for Business

Google+ is fast becoming one of the most popular social media platforms, thanks to its integration across multiple internet platforms. Incorporating Google+ into your Google marketing strategy is a smart business decision, establishing you as an expert in your industry. If done correctly, when people Google search business your Google+ profile can come up.

Via Flickr Zack D. Smith

Via Flickr Zack D. Smith

Engage before advertising

When beginning on Google+, it is not a good idea to start advertising right away before communicating with your potential audience. When you begin promoting before the community knows you, it will take longer to build a following. Spend some time engaging with the users and answering questions before beginning your marketing plan.

Give credit

Google+ operates in a similar way to Facebook, allowing you to tag people in your posts and comments. This is the perfect way to give credit to people on Google+. People love getting tagged since others will click on their own profile. All you need to do is type a + and choose their name from a drop down list. They will get a notification they have been tagged. A user will be more likely to tag you and drive traffic to your page in the future.

Ask questions

It is okay to not always be the expert. In fact, stepping back from the authority role and asking questions makes you seem more like an expert in the eyes of your followers. Asking questions also increase your exposure. Your user engagement will increase with the desire to answer the question. Asking questions related to your audience will show that you care about and value their opinion and knowledge.

Divert traffic

If you have a large and active following on other social media platforms, direct them to follow you on Google+. People love having more connections on multiple platforms and will welcome the opportunity to add you on Google+.

Create a community

In order to establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry, you need to start a Google+ Community. You also need to join other communities and thoughtfully comment on posts without overly promoting your page. This helps build trust and drive traffic to your profile.


4 thoughts on “5 Ways to Become an Expert on Google+ for Business

  1. I’m so new to using Google+ to begin with, but now adding on using it for a business, it’s such a new world. What are your thoughts on how to go about adding people in your circles as a business? Should it be similar to Twitter where you follow a wide variety of people hoping to get some good interactions? Or should it be more like Facebook and you’re just looking for people to add you to their circles?

    • I think Google+ is more like Facebook for business, in my opinion. So you want to follow people you have connected with or businesses that are similar you can actually connect with. For instance with the restaurant you do social media for, you want to connect them to other local businesses with Google+ profiles. Many businesses are not using it because it is confusing and there are an abundance of problems with it (which will be a future post). But it is necessary since Google is the powerhouse search engine. Giving your business a Google+ profile and using it correctly will give you higher search engine rankings on Google. I would say it is as useful as Yelp reviews.

      • Thanks for the advice! I’ve been letting the Google+ account just sit ever since I updated info and changed pictures. I look forward to reading about the problems of Google+. It’s tough finding the motivation to post on G+ knowing there aren’t a lot of people listening…but I can almost see immediate SEO results whenever I post to it. At least Google is listening to what I have to say!

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