Why Your Business Should Hold a Twitter Chat

Essentially, Twitter chats are the same as being in a chat room. Users keep track of responses with the specified hash tag and usually anyone can participate. There are also many services available online that allow you to keep track of multiple chats in a streamlined way. There are many benefits of joining or starting a Twitter chat:

Via Flickr cambodia4kidsorg

Via Flickr cambodia4kidsorg

  • The opportunity to network and make connections with people who have an interest in your brand.
    When you hold a chat event, customers get to talk to you and build a deeper bond with your brand. In order to get the most engagement and relationship out of the chat, you need to choose a discussion topic that resonates with your followers. If you make your chats weekly and combine them with how-to webinars, you can increase your lead generation as well. You will get new followers with a Twitter chat, and your brand will reach new people when your responses are retweeted during the chat.
  • Chats position your brand as an expert in the industry.
    Not only is starting a chat a great to build brand authority, but joining chats as a guest is a great way to create a reputation as an expert. You can answer questions related to your industry and establish yourself as an authority. Get to know the host of the chat by Tweeting with them on a regular basis. Whenever you stay in the host’s mind as an authority, it will increase your chance for a guest spot. You can also email the host with your interest. Before participating in the chat, update your Twitter bio to include a link to your website or Facebook.
  • You can create one-on-one relationships.
    Participating in chats frequently will help you build relationships with other people in your industry on Twitter. The more relationships you form, the more recognition your brand will receive in the industry. You will get new followers and create new leads with each participation.
  • Your brand can stay informed on this industry.
    You can also attend Twitter chats as a spectator in order to learn about news and updates in the industry. Find chats with other professionals in the industry in order to discuss common issues.
  • Chats are a method of promotion.
    You can ask hosts if you can sponsor their Twitter chat in order to give your brand more awareness. This means the host will mention your business as the sponsor and you will get mentions in any articles or posts about the chat. Products or services, being the featured guest, and placing advertising banners are also methods of promotion.

What has been your favorite Twitter Chat you have participated in and what made it special? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @HS_Writing!


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