How to Make 4 Aspects of Pinterest Work for Your Brand

Pinterest is the third most popular social media website, making it a platform that is hard to ignore when branding your business. It focuses on visual content and the audience is full of creative individuals. This means when you use Pinterest for business marketing, your plan of action needs to be creative and unique.

For those who do not use Pinterest or who are just starting out, there are eight aspects of the website that you need to understand in order to make the platform work for your brand.

pinterest profile


  • Use a photo, do not use a logo
  • Make your name easy to find by typing in your business’ name
  • Add links to all of your social networks
  • Put your business information on your profile, including website address and other contact information
  • Choose SEO keywords that you use on your website and other social media sites and put them on your bio
  • Make sure to complete your profile as a business profile
  • Give your followers options to share your profile on Facebook and Twitter
  • Allow your brand’s personality to explode on the profile
  • Your top three users that you repin from will show up on the right, so choose who these are carefully
Via Flickr stevendepolo

Via Flickr stevendepolo


  • Use creative pin titles
  • Use SEO keywords in descriptions
  • Install the Pin It button on your browser to quickly pin content with descriptions and a website link
  • Appropriately tag people in pins using the @mention
  • Pin images that are high quality and the correct size
  • Only pin images or content that is related to your brand
  • Focus on lifestyle behind the images, not the product
  • Pin small amounts at a time; do not go on a pinning spree
  • Always add a description and a source link
  • Enable rich pins to give real time pricing on images from your store
Via Flickr bryanlanders

Via Flickr bryanlanders


  • Use fun and creative titles that grab a visitors attention
  • Put SEO keywords in the description
  • Mix up original content and repinned content
  • Pin images from clients
  • Create inspirational or instructive collages
  • Customize which pin is the largest on the board
  • Only create business-related boards, not personal boards
  • Turn off Search Privacy in settings
  • Choose categories for each new board you create to allow people to find your content easier
  • Use numerous boards; do not put all of your content on one board



  • On images from your website or content you pin first, add a watermark so users are directed back to you even after the image has been widespread
  • Make product photos more stylized and show them being used in everyday life
  • Use natural light in photos
  • Only pin photos that relate to your products
  • Hire a photographer to take great, in action product photos
  • Make text on an infographic very large and easy to read
  • Put the title of the product or the website on the photo
  • Instead of uploading videos, pin a photo that leads to a video

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