How Tumblr Improves SEO Ranks – Part 2

NOTE: After this post, Tumblr will now be on Thursdays with YouTube and Vine will be on Saturdays with Instagram.

Tumblr is a unique way to blog and offers many other marketing benefits over other social media platforms. It is a creative way to express your brand and can cause a new group of fun and loyal clients. Tumblr can also be a great way to improve your SEO ranks. This can be done many ways, including special Tumblr titles, URLs, and keywords.

Via Flickr buyalex

Via Flickr buyalex

Promote Yourself and Improve Visibility

While Tumblr is not optimized for business, there are still many promotional elements that you can use. The option for followers to reblog your content allows your brand to be shared and viewed by many different people across several platforms. There is also a Like option which adds notes to your posts, increasing the visibility of your Tumblr blog.

Drive Traffic to Tumblr Posts

Proper use of keyword in the tag section, reblogging, and Likes all increase the visibility of your posts. This drives more traffic to the posts and your blog. When people want to share the post across different platforms, they have to go to your blog in order to share the permanent link of the post. This further increases your brand awareness.

Discover Great Content

Tumblr is crafted in order for users to find great new content. They incorporate hashtags along with keywords when people are searching for content, meaning you do not need to have a ton of followers in order for your content to be discovered and reblogged. Great content is discovered and shared many times without having a single follower.

Combine the Power of Facebook and WordPress

What makes Tumblr such a unique platform is the ability to incorporate the best aspects of popular content social media sites, like Facebook and WordPress. Tumblr has the ability to blog, like WordPress, along with the social sharing capabilities of Facebook. Tumblr lets you optimize the blog with a wide variety of content and content sharing features. Even the content you want for your posts have a ton of options for customization.

Check out part one of how Tumblr improves SEO next Thursday! In the meantime, let me know what you think of Tumblr as a social media platform in the comments or on Twitter @HS_Writing!


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