How to Start a Successful Business Blog

Many companies want to know how to start a business blog because of the importance it plays in a marketing scheme. When you learn how to make a successful blog for your business, you can reap all huge benefits by increasing your brand awareness. Successful blogs are also a great source of revenue that can finance future marketing efforts.

Businesses who start a blog produce content on a regular basis, increasing their SEO rankings and spreading brand awareness. They also set up the business as an industry leader who is knowledgeable and genuine. As you are implementing a blog, make sure to keep certain tactics in mind.

Via Flickr photosteve101

Via Flickr photosteve101

  • Stick to your market niche. If your business is in retail, keep all blog topics on retail. However, you do not want to make the blogs just general retail topics. While it does give you more ideas for content, there are hundreds of blogs about retail on the internet.

    Focus on a specific aspect of your market niche, such as writing only about young men’s fashion. This topic is not general retail, but it is also not so specific that half of an audience does not find the information they need.

  • Make content entertaining and easily readable. First and foremost, content needs to be conversational. Even if you write for a tech blog, write the posts using I, you, and we. Make jokes throughout, especially insider technology jokes that your readers will love. The posts you write need to be entertaining and personable with content that solves a problem for the reader or educates them.

    Break up lengthy paragraphs with line breaks and make sure to divide the blog content up with subheadings, italics, bullet points, and photos. This diversity in content will make the blogs easy to read and appreciated by followers. Following these steps when you are crafting posts will help you build a loyal readership in no time.

  • Focus on Google search rankings. This means utilizing correct SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. This requires correct keyword placement and research in order to see higher search engine rankings. There are many internet guides and books available to help you develop the best SEO practices, but there are a few easy things you can implement to get started.

    Make page titles unique, accurate, and brief. They need to catch the attention of the reader so they click on it, but be short as well. A description meta tag should be used. Keep URLs short and easy to spell and remember. Use relevant and descriptive text for the anchor link. For example, instead of saying, “Click here,” type “learn about carpet installation” with the appropriate link. There needs to be an alt description for photos and the blog needs to be easy to navigate as well.

  • Be social. Even when you have customized your blog and content to be Google-friendly, you cannot rely on just that to get readers. Share your posts through all of your social media accounts and interact with any responses to shares. You also have to be social and join in the blogging community. This can be accomplished many ways.

    Link to your sources for the articles, and other blogs, throughout your post. Comment on these blogs saying you linked them in your post. Follow similar blogs in order to get noticed. Engage with commenters on your blog in order to keep them as loyal readers. Get to know them so they feel valued. Guest blog for others and invite people to guest blog for you.

  • Keep length, consistency, and traffic in mind. Surprisingly, detailed blog posts are worth more on Google search rankings than shorter posts. On the first page of Google search results, each page has at least 2,000 words of content. However, do not fill up posts with fluff words to hit the 2,000 mark. All content needs to be useful and authentic.

Make sure to post new blogs consistently. If you start blogging three times a week, then you need to always blog three times a week and on the same days. The more you blog, the more your content will be viewed. It is very easy to get new traffic to your blog, but hard to keep people invested in visiting. This can be changed by building a community of followers. Respond to all emails and comments and get people involved by having them take surveys about what content they would like to see.


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