3 SEO Benefits of Being a Google+ Expert

Last Monday we talked about how to become an expert on Google+ with your business profile. Google+ is fast becoming one of the most popular social media platforms, thanks to its integration across multiple internet platforms. Incorporating Google+ into your Google marketing strategy is a smart business decision, establishing you as an expert in your industry. If done correctly, when people Google search business your Google+ profile can come up. Whenever you use your Google+ account correctly in correlation to your overall social media marketing scheme, you will three great benefits:

Via Flickr AJC1

Via Flickr AJC1

  1. Boost SEO. Google+ is one of the few social media websites that spans across multiple platforms and has great rankings in search engines. This makes it easy to integrate your Google+ account into your overall SEO marketing strategy. Other social media platforms, like Facebook, work best internally. This means that, while you can find anything you need on Facebook, it will not often appear in a Google search unless you type “Facebook” at the end of your search.

    Google+ makes it easier to use keywords while still creating great content that is not forced to match keywords. Google+ helps people refine searches with quality information that is recommended by other users. This is a huge advantage over other kinds of content platforms, since Google is now penalizing website that overload keywords without quality content.

  2. Makes it easy for others to recommend your business. Whenever anyone adds your Google+ business profile to searches, it gives your business precedence in Google search results. When someone in the circle searches for your product or service, you will show up first. In order to get this great Google+ benefit, you need to start networking with other businesses in your industry on the platform.

    You can also get a bunch of +1s from users who have never seen your page if you implement this function correctly. The button automatically comes up in search results and allows users to instantaneously recommend what they find.

  3. Begins word of mouth connections. This can be accomplished by using Google+ hangouts. Hangouts are live video conferences where three or more people participate. People primarily care about what your product or service can do to help them. In order to foster word of mouth marketing, you need to give people the chance to talk about themselves. Hangouts help customers feel special and valued by your business. They give customers a unique experience they will be sure to talk about.

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