How to Use Twitter for Customer Service Without Tarnishing Your Brand Reputation

The Twitter platform is a very useful communication tool for your business. Companies use Twitter to get new customers and connect with the old ones. However, not many companies consider the importance of Twitter for customer service. Many people want to communicate on Twitter and sometimes it is to question or complain about your product or service. Some companies ignore customer requests on Twitter to avoid drawing negative attention to their brand. This is the wrong step to take. Instead, here are some ways to manage customer service on Twitter while still making your brand look awesome.

Via Flickr DigitalRalph

Via Flickr DigitalRalph

Respond Quickly

Try to respond within 24 hours. The less time you take to respond, the better. This is the same rule that goes for any customer service interaction, but many companies take days to make contact after an initial communication request from the customer. Your customer have chosen to communicate via Twitter because they thought they would get a faster response on that platform. Show them how attentive you are to their problem by quickly responding.

Via Flickr Warren Sukernek

Via Flickr Warren Sukernek

Use Empathy and Acknowledgement

Don’t be a Twitter robot! Make sure you tell them you are sorry about their problem or understanding their frustration. Acknowledge the problem before trying to solve it for them as well. When you take these steps, you are showing that you care about their customer and their experience with your brand. You are also indicating you did read their entire problem and did your research about how to fix it.

Via Flickr Book Work Laser & Design

Via Flickr Book Work Laser & Design

Don’t Redirect Them

People are choosing to communicate with your company on Twitter because that is their preferred method of communication. Asking them to visit the store, call, email, or get on another social media platform is inconvenient for them. They want their problem solved now and through the initial way of communicating. Answer their question or complaint entirely on Twitter. This can be tricky since you only have 140 characters, but brevity is your friend here.

Via Flickr Trey Pennington

Via Flickr Trey Pennington

Try to Resolve the Issue in One Tweet

I know you think I am crazy. But if your company can solve any issue in under 140 characters, your customers will have an amazing impression of your customer service. When you read about their problem entirely, do your research before responding, and give a perfect solution in few characters, you are taking up very little of your customer’s time and resolving their issue with ease. Evidence of your excellent customer service stays on Twitter as well, showing others how easy it is to communicate with you therefore giving them confidence in your brand.


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