How to Make 4 MORE Aspects of Pinterest Work for Your Brand

Pinterest is the third most popular social media website, making it a platform that is hard to ignore when branding your business. It focuses on visual content and the audience is full of creative individuals. This means when you use Pinterest for business marketing, your plan of action needs to be creative and unique.

For those who do not use Pinterest or who are just starting out, there are eight aspects of the website that you need to understand in order to make the platform work for your brand.



  • Say where you got the pin from when pinning it
  • Display the URL on images
  • Use Creative Commons bookmarklet for via and a nod to the original pinner
  • Put the copyright on your website
  • If one of your images or your content was pinned without copyright, kindly ask them to add it
  • Don’t worry so much about piracy and worry more about being obscure
  • Use copyright symbols
  • Always credit photos



  • Clients can pin photo products
  • People can pin photos and tag the brand to win
  • Host a board scavenger hunt
  • Hold a monthly board contest
  • The most repined board wins
  • Pin an image of the contest rules
  • Integrate the contests with other social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube
  • Have clients upload videos and tell them to use a contest hashtag

other pinterest profile


  • Follow other businesses in the area to stay on top of what customers are engaged with
  • All others to pin to your boards with the Pinterest tool me+contributor on selected boards
  • Create a themed group board
  • Perform a group scavenger hunt for pins
  • Ask for colleagues to repin your pins and do the same for them if they wish
  • Promote a joint event between collaborators
  • Create lifestyle boards that combine products from other businesses
  • Host a board tour
  • Throw a Pinterest party at work
  • Crowdsource a product



  • Use Pinterest analytics to measure success of certain boards and pins
  • While commenting is not popular on Pinterest, read all comments and interact with them
  • Review other business boards
  • Identify your Pinterest marketing goals and execute them
  • Do keyword searches for pins, boards, and people
  • Review and evaluate the results of your marketing plan
  • Find out how well your brands are converting
  • See what boards are getting repinned
  • Find out if Pinterest is driving traffic to your brand

2 thoughts on “How to Make 4 MORE Aspects of Pinterest Work for Your Brand

  1. Great tips! It seems like Pinterest is still a little confusing for social media marketers to find uses for so ideas like this are incredibly helpful to make use of the site. Thanks for sharing!

    • I agree, many marketers are unsure about Pinterest. I feel this is because it has a reputation for complicated recipes, stay at home moms who find things to needlessly DIY, and girls who are feverishly planning their weddings. But Pinterest has so much depth and different uses.

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