What is Holding You Back from Making Money Online?

Many people dream of a living where they can stay home and earn money online. Some want to do this because they think it is easy, but it is not. It takes a lot of work to make money online from home. This difficulty is what is holding you back, but there are ways you can overcome it.

Via Flickr Kiran Foster

Via Flickr Kiran Foster

Have self-confidence

When you talk about possibly starting a career working from home, everyone is going to talk you out of it or devalue it. They say it is a silly dream and it is too risky. No one is going to give you permission to start this career. You need to have the confidence to throw yourself into it and make it work. Then you can show everyone who doubted you how making money online is possible. It is going to take a lot of work.

Via Flickr Abhijit Bhaduri

Via Flickr Abhijit Bhaduri

Be able to sell yourself

This means a number of things. First, charge what your skills are worth. This means you need to have confidence that you can pull off a project for a client. Do not charge a lower amount to try to get more clients. It is better to charge what you are actually worth so you can work with clients who respect your talents. You also need to be able to ask for the sale, even if you risk upsetting some clients. Act like an authority on the subjects you know about. Do not sell yourself short.

Via Flickr clive darra

Via Flickr clive darra

Make a plan every day

When you go to work at a 9-5 job, you usually have a set of tasks that are assigned to you each day. At home, there is usually a mass amount of work from different clients you have to get done. It takes a lot of organization. At the beginning of the work week, plan out everything you need to do by Friday. Also make sure to leave room in case last minute assignments come up.

Also at the end of every day when your work is done, make a To-Do list for the next day. You can break it down by morning and afternoon to make goal setting easier to achieve, or just set a list of tasks for the day. Know where your priorities are and always complete everything on your list.

Via Flickr Mark Hunter

Via Flickr Mark Hunter


In order to work from home, you need to have the ability to focus. There will be a lot of distractions, such as chores you need to do, family members trying to disrupt you, and pets clawing for attention. There will also be an abundance of social media calling your name as you do research or work online, along with email and other distracting things on your computer.

You need to ignore all of these distractions and focus on the work at hand. Make it clear to your family that you are “not home” from this hour to this hour. Consider going to a public place to work that has free Wi-Fi. This will pull you away from many distractions at home, like chores and family. If social media severely distracts you, consider getting a social media blocking software, like Anti-Social. It will prohibit you from accessing these sites while at work.

Via Flickr Joe Loong

Via Flickr Joe Loong

Take your new career seriously

Working online to make money is not a hobby. It takes a lot of dedication, networking, sales skills, and overtime hours. This is not a hobby and do not let anyone tell you it is. Just because you are working from home does not mean that you are sitting around watching TV and playing video games. You are going to work longer hours than full time career people since you need to get your work done by the deadlines. Realize there is a lot you are going to sacrifice, but it is worth it to do your dream job of working online.


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