The Facebook Machine and How It Decides Your Content is High Quality

One of the most important parts of social media marketing is creating quality content. You want content that is exciting to your followers so they respond, share, or click through to your website. Not only should you post content that you think your followers will enjoy, you also need to make sure the content is up-to-snuff according to Facebook’s high standards.

Facebook uses algorithms to set their quality standards so each user sees exactly the content they want to see and share with others. Have you noticed that Facebook ads reflect a status update you just made or a Google search you just performed? This is part of their algorithm that tries to give each user relevant content, down to the ads they see. Facebook analyzes:

  • The source of the content to make sure it is a trusted authority.
  • If the content is unique, fresh, and original.
  • How many times the content is liked or shared because it tells Facebook that many people enjoyed the content.

Via mkhmarketing

This algorithim is part of Facebook’s evolution. Previously, it just showed all friends posts in your news feed in the order they were posted. Now the default setting is to organize the content by “Top Stories.” Some users (like myself) hate this option because I want to see everything that is getting posted, but many users just keep that default setting to see what is most popular.

Facebook has recently updated its algorithim to track, not only likes, comments, and shares, but also the quality of the source. Therefore high quality news sites will get a higher rank in the news feed over sites that are created simply to get likes and shares, such as Upworthy.

Via Official U.S. Navy Imagery

Via Official U.S. Navy Imagery

As mentioned before, Facebook grows smarter by tracking what each user clicks on, talks about, and searches in order to custom deliver content that user wants to see. Facebook even has options for the user to tell Facebook they don’t want to see that kind of content. To make sure your content meets Facebook standards, here are three things you can do:

  • Improve your SEO techniques by researching popular key phrases and inserting them correctly into your content. This is a new Google Panda update that mandates phrases as more valuable than keywords.
  • Make all content high quality that you would want to read. Quantity is not your friend any longer.
  • Register for Google Authorship so your blog post is under your name. This will make it a trusted authority website.

Do you have questions about what Facebook wants to see? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @HS_Writing!



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