The Best Ways to Use Flickr for Marketing

Photos are extremely prevalent in social media marketing. People engage more with photos and they are the most commonly shared kind of content on the internet. Flickr is a perfect platform to upload and share stock photos and marketing photos and can be easily incorporated into your marketing strategy.


Flickr is a very useful photo platform. It is perfect to upload images that you are going to embed in blog posts, articles, or press releases. When you brand your Flickr account the same way you brand your website, blog, and other social media platforms, you can greatly increase your exposure. Uploading high quality, professional images for Creative Commons use can also increase exposure when people attribute credit to your account. You have to optimize your Flickr profile before seeing results.

  • Make your profile name the company’s name or the company’s URL
  • Mention your location, a brief bio of your company, and any other information a potential consumer needs to know
  • Upload a relevant avatar, ideally your company logo

Flickr allows you to achieve marketing goals and objectives, such as:

  • Product marketing
  • Application use
  • Capabilities presentations
  • Highlighting data and metrics
  • Customer support
  • Employee recruitment


There are many benefits Flickr offers for photo uploading and sharing, such as organization, access, social sharing, and portability.


Flickr has many cool options for the photos you upload. You can create photo sets or galleries out of your uploads, along with many other organizational benefits. It is a great database resource library for your stock photos that you can refer to for future marketing projects.


Flickr is a database to compile photos for web pages, blog posts, Facebook posts, presentations, or anything to do with your business strategy. You can have all employees get a Flickr account so they have access to your public image library. They can access these photos at work, at home, or when traveling for business.

Social Sharing

Flickr is the perfect photo sharing platform because they can be shared on all aspects of the internet. Other kinds of photo sharing limit you to certain platforms while Flickr does not. In order to be able to share it, enable as many options as your legal department will allow. You can set who can download images, share photos, add to a photo, and blog photos.

Adding your images to a gallery will allow members to build a database of photos or videos around a theme. On Flickr, you can join groups to increase exposure and increase the chance your images will be found. Off Flickr, you can choose the image size and copy the image URL to embed onto any kind of content.


It is very easy to share the photos across the internet once you upload them to Facebook. You can either make your all of your photos public, which is recommended for higher visibility, or you can log into your account to copy image URLs. Flickr photos can be used across more platforms than any other kind of social sharing website, including:

  • Blog posts
  • Blog platforms like WordPress and Blogger
  • Google Gadgets
  • Articles
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Squidoo
  • And more!

Business will benefit the most from investing in a Pro Flickr account if they are serious about building a marketing campaign with Flickr as their base.


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