Mistakes Businesses Make on Google+ – Part 2

Google+ is an amazing social media platform. It inconspicuously integrates itself across the internet and can allow businesses to meet new people, connect with potential customers, and improve relationships with current customers. However, it is overwhelming at first because of its integration and widespread capabilities. Many businesses make mistakes when they begin their Google online marketing that hurt their overall social media marketing plans. Knowing what the common mistakes are can help you avoid pitfalls and get ahead of your competition.

Via cambodia4kidsorg

Via cambodia4kidsorg

  1. Only posting about your product or service

    This tactic is a bad choice on every social media platform. People are online for an authentic and fun experience, not to constantly hear a sales pitch like they do on TV. For you, social media needs to be about authentic interactions with your customers, networks, and clients. No one will want to network with you on Google+ if you only talk about yourself.

    A common rule in life, but especially in social media, is 80-20. 80% of your Google+ content should be about lifestyle related to your industry. Only 20% should be about your product or service. Ask your follower questions, post great content from others that is related to your industry, or offer help to your circles for better engagement.

  2. Ignoring negative comments

    You will always get bad comments, so you need to start using them to your advantage. If you avoid responding to negativity, followers will think the comments are true and you agree with them, or that you have something to hide. It is important to monitor your comments on Google+ in order to get a good idea of how customers are responding to your brand. There will be negativity, and you can learn from it. Address negative comments quickly and professionally so negative feelings about your brand cannot further develop.

    If you get a complaint about your product, ask the commenters to email you with specifics so you can solve their problem. If there is a negative comment about your company, then address the particular issue and turn it positive. If there is a negative comment about one of your posts, try to communicate to the commenter. You may not resolve the commenter’s issues, but at least you tried to resolve the issue and you listened to your followers.

  3. Ignoring communities

    Part of what makes Google+ so unique is the community it offers. In order to be more successful on Google+, you need to find and join communities that fit your business niche. These groups are growing every day and are very engaging. Users love them because they find a topic they love online and can talk about it in a professional environment. Even if you cannot find your specific business niche, there are many small business communities you can join and begin participating in discussions with. Once you have established yourself as a regular on communities, start your own!

  4. Posting without comments

    Always include some kind of brief comment when posting a link on Google+. If you do not include commentary, you come off as uncaring and you will see very little engagement. Users will have no motivation to click, read, or share the link without a comment.

  5. Posting inconsistently

    It is common for many businesses to set up a Google+ page, post a few times on it, then forget to stay active. This prevents businesses from building a following and engagement momentum on the platform. You will need to dedicate some time and quality content in order to see ROI from your Google+ account.

    There also needs to be variety in your content. Do not stick to just text posts. Instead, post photos, videos, links, texts, and more. A variety of posts will appeal to your followers. Google+ especially has some amazing photo capabilities and features, so do not neglect this kind of content.

To learn more, check out Part 1 of this series on common Google+ business mistakes.


2 thoughts on “Mistakes Businesses Make on Google+ – Part 2

    • Honestly, I don’t either because I have A LOT of issues with it (like it automatically publishing all my WordPress posts as shared privately, no matter how much I play with settings). I am about to get into a slew of Monday posts about why Google+ is awful and needs changes.

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