The 7 Secrets of YouTube Marketing

In a world of DVRs where people can fast forward the commercials, advertisers are looking for new ways to reach their audience. YouTube is one solution. People love YouTube videos because they are entertaining and short. Even if a company is on YouTube promoting a product or service, like Old Spice, they feel like entertaining viral video marketing instead of commercials. Following these seven YouTube video marketing tips will help you discover the secret power of YouTube.

Via Flickr by RestrictedData

Via Flickr by RestrictedData

  1. Set and understand your goals
    Your goals for YouTube need to be specific and measurable. Many businesses only know that social media marketing is important and jump in blind. Each platform needs to have different goals, including YouTube. Even if you are hiring someone to do your marketing for you, you need to tell them what you want to achieve. Not only do you want views on your videos, but also traffic to your website and sales from that traffic.
  2. Minimize your video budget
    Many businesses feel the need to hire a video production company to help create their YouTube content. If you don’t have the budget, but have the in house skills, producing marketable YouTube videos for your brand can cost as little as $300. Most self-created videos cost this much. Don’t forget to spend some time, and possibly some of your budget, on creating a graphic-filled YouTube channel that attracts viewers.
  3. Don’t try to make viral happen
    Yes, viral videos get millions of views and great profit. Most often these videos become viral by chance. Trying to create a viral video will fall short of your creative potential and fall flat. Viewers may even find you inauthentic for trying to force viral to happen. Besides, page views on a viral video often do not turn into website traffic or sales.
  4. Ignore some analytics
    YouTube provides you with a lot of analytics, which is great. Businesses tend to obsess over perfecting every statistic which can detract from achieving your goals. Comments, likes, and subscriptions are meaningless when it comes to converting views to sales. What you want to look at are how many shares and reposts your videos get. The more shares your video has, the more exposure your brand will get, and the more traffic your website will get. This can potentially turn into sales.
  5. Don’t treat YouTube like traditional marketing
    The internet is not the place for traditional print marketing schemes. YouTube viewers do not like traditional, commercial-feeling videos. This is why brands, like Old Spice, are successful on YouTube. They create content that is entertaining and engaging while lightly advertising their men’s hygiene products. You also need to keep the videos between two to four minutes to keep engagement high.
  6. Get your customers to post videos for you
    Try to start a YouTube campaign where viewers post videos of them using your product as video replies. When your customers post videos about your product, it is more effective than posting your own content. This is because people outside of the company recommend it, acting as an interactive and positive customer review. Depending on your product, what you ask customers to do can vary. Make sure when you prompt customers to make videos that your request is creative and inviting so viewers take action.
  7. Be patient
    No marketing campaign is successful overnight, and this is especially true for YouTube videos. YouTube is indirect, so it takes at least six months to build a following. Once you do, you can start holding contests and other interactive topics in order to get higher lead generation and ROI.

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