Should You Add Tumblr to Your Brand’s Marketing Plan?

Just under a year ago, Tumblr announced the premiere of native ads on the Tumblr mobile platform. Made to blend in with posts, these ads caused many brands to flock to Tumblr. Whether or not it was successful for all these brands depends on their content strategy. On Tumblr, there are a few things your brand needs to do to become successful.

Via Flickr scottjacksonx

Via Flickr scottjacksonx

Get Users Involved

The users on Tumblr love being on the site. You need to get them involved with your brand so they love sharing your content. For example, Club Monaco runs campaigns asking Tumblr users to model their clothing and share it on the platform. This makes users participate, reblog, and fall in love with the brand.

Link to Your Website

While both are photo-centric websites, Pinterest got ahead of Tumblr with the ability to link back to a webpage in photos. This made tutorials and shopping a lot easier. Brands on Tumblr need to add a link back to their website where the product is displayed. Tumblr users will be grateful and you will receive more hits and conversions.

Via Flickr hm7hm7

Via Flickr hm7hm7

Put Bloggers in Control

You need to take the Tumblr users and let them control your brand. This platform is unique in the fact that posts go viral very often and easily. This can happen when you follow how Tumblr users interact and apply it to your brand. When you speak the Tumblr language, you put your brand in the hands of users and will get more exposure.

If your brand cannot meet these requirements, then you need to consider other platforms instead.


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