Suprising Instagram Facts that will Change Your Marketing Plan

Instagram is becoming a force to be reckoned with in the social media marketing landscape. Much of its success is attributed to its photo-centric approach that makes it easy for users to interact with brands. However, there are some surprising facts about Instagram that might change your approach to your marketing content.

Via Flickr by danpeerflix

Via Flickr by danpeerflix

There is No “Best Day” for Posting

Posts on Instagram happen 24/7. Much like Twitter, this means there is no best day for posting. Metrics will only tell us that most photos are posted on Thursday, that photo sharing and interaction is most effective on Saturday and Sunday, and that most weekend photo posts receive interaction on Monday.

Photos are Better than Video

Instagram released a 15 second video option to compete with the similar Vine platform. However, videos are created and shared very little on the platform. Only 4% of brands have begun to use video on Instagram and users are perfectly okay with that. The 55 million photo uploads per day are a testament to the success of photos over video. If you want to implement video marketing, stick to YouTube and Vine.

Filter Popularity is Not Necessarily Good Marketing

Instagram is very unique because it allows users to edit their photos with filters before posting, changing the meaning and intention of the photo. While many brands use Lo-Fi, X-Pro II, and the popular #nofilter hashtag for their photos, these do not equal the most engagement. In reality, the filters that get the most engagement are Mayfair, Inkwell, and Normal.

More Hashtags are Better

In social media, there is a general rule of thumb that you should use no more than two hashtags in a post. More than that makes you look like a social media novice. When it comes to Instagram, however, more hashtags create better interaction with your brand and allow more people to discover you on the platform.

Comments are Rare

For every 33 likes, there is only one comment on Instagram. This shows marketers that the platform is not a good place to hold conversations with your followers and customers. Instead, you need to integrate Instagram with other social media platforms that allow conversation, such as Facebook or Twitter.


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