Google+’s Pluses and Minuses

Google+ is becoming an integral part of social media marketing. This is because it integrates itself on so many other platforms, increasing your business SERP. Even though it was meant to take over the social media world, as Google has done in many other ways, many people are conflicted whether or not Google+ is viable for marketing. Here are the pluses and minuses of Google+.

Via Flickr by birgerking

Via Flickr by birgerking

Plus + SEO

When you share a photo, link, or a text update on your Google+ page, this will be indexed in Google’s search results. When people click the +1 button on your content also increases the search ranking of your Google+ posts. Google+ can increase your business’ visibility in search engines drastically, meaning more traffic will be directed to your website and other platforms as long as you have filled out your profile correctly.

Minus – Cluttered Layout

Users are used to the simple and streamlined news feeds on Facebook and Twitter. However, Google+’s page mimics the layout of the Facebook user profile or Pinterest, but pulls it off a little poorly. There is content on both the left and the right, making it difficult to decide which content is most important. There are also a lot of different aspects of the layout, making it a little dizzying to look at.

Plus + Pages

The Google+ page for your business can increase SEO, as mentioned before. It can also be another platform for your social media reach. Starting a Google+ page is an extra way to reach new audiences that may not be present on other platforms, or have trouble finding you. The page will also keep followers updated on what is going on with your business, as long as you stay active on it.

Minus – Poor Website Navigation

While the design is slick and familiar, the navigation itself is very difficult to get around. Users have trouble finding even the simplest things on their page. This is one of the biggest complaints people have about Google+, despite the comfort of Google’s colors and design.

Via Flickr by dolphinsdock

Via Flickr by dolphinsdock

Plus + Hangouts

Hangouts are a great addition to the growing video presence online. It is a form of video chat that can bring people together from all over the world, like Skype but more user-friendly. This is great for international or online businesses who can’t get all of their employees in a room together without spending thousands of dollars. It is also great for B2B marketing meetings. Everyone who has used Hangouts so far has loved it, and it is a feature that most other social media sites do not have yet.

Minus – Unpopular Opinion

Many companies do not have a Google+ page, so they do not think the page is relevant or credible with their content or marketing goals. This is a mistake some companies make, especially if their competitors are on Google+ reaching new audiences. It may seem strange that not many companies are on Google+ since Google is very proud of saying they have 230 million active members and 500 million members total. This figure is distorted, since whenever you get a Gmail account, you are automatically signed up for a Google+ account. The +1 button, while useful, is not on every website. This means clicking the button does not give as big of a signal boost to your brand as other ways of sharing content.


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