How to Make YouTube More Social

When done correctly, YouTube can be an amazing revenue generator in your social media marketing plan. You can read my other blog posts on how to use YouTube correctly. However, even with my tips, many businesses only optimize their profile and throw videos onto the internet. YouTube videos are often considered a link to share on other platforms, but YouTube should be considered an actual social, interactive platform in its own right.


Create Videos Inspired by Followers

Sure, you can plan a video content calendar that goes for months on end. But make sure you leave spaces for video content that your followers request. To find out what your followers want to see, ask them! Ask in actual videos or in your commentary when sharing video links. You can read their responses on other platforms or…

Read through Your YouTube Video Comments

There may be a lot of them, but try to scan through all of your comments on your YouTube videos. Mark spam posts as spam, but don’t mark negative posts as spam to get them off your feed. Only positive comments makes viewers suspicious. Try to respond to as many comments as you can. If you just enjoyed what someone said but have nothing to add to it, thumb it up to show your appreciation. Don’t try to force a conversation if it isn’t there.

Use Call to Action

Every business feels odd telling viewers what to do. But you need to include a call to action in every video. It can be spoken at the end, in a graphic screen with links at the end, or in the description below the video. Many of your viewers will follow your call to action and do what you want them to, making the platform more socially interactive.



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