3 MORE Ways to Engage Readers in Your Business Blog

Creating a business blog can be a huge asset to your marketing plan. Business blogging provides readers with informational content that establishes your brand as an industry leader. Sometimes when you make a blog it is not successful at first. There are six ways to change that and get ultimate reader engagement. This will help promote your business and create a loyal customer base.

Via Flickr by See-ming Lee

Via Flickr by See-ming Lee

  1. Ask questions. To make engaging with the blog easier for your readers, you should include questions at the end of the post. Do not ask anything like, “What is your favorite color?” The question needs to relate to the blog post topic, be thoughtful and dynamic, and inspire readers to participate in discussion in the comments.

    In order to have these dynamic questions, you need to have a very interesting blog post that discusses the similarities and differences on something, or that pose a discussion on a prevailing train of thought. Get creative with your post content and the questions that you can ask readers will activate more discussion in the comments. Make sure to reply to comments with great answers to questions.

  2. Share on social media. Not only do you want your readers to share your blog posts, but you should also share it on your own social media accounts. Each reader has a different way they like to interact with content on the web, so you need to post your blog to all of these sites in order to reach all potential readers. Many people do not want to comment on the actual blog and instead will share their thoughts on a social media site.

    Make sure to respond to these alternative comments and even consider featuring them on your next blog post for further discussion. The business should have the basic four: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. If your business is large or sells high-end products or services, you do not necessarily need a Facebook page.

  3. Get to know your readers. This is the most important rule. Interaction with your readers is the key way to engage them. Get to know those who follow and comment on your blog and respond to any questions or great comments. Even respond to negative ones in a kind and professional way – absolutely do not start a flame war. By responding to readers, they feel valued and it shows others in your blog community that their responses are viewed.

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