How to Use YouTube to Boost Your Online Presence

First and foremost, I am so excited to be featured on Spotistic! They interviewed me about being a social media manager for multiple companies. Check it out and tell me what you think! You should also follow their blog because their posts are helpful and hilarious.

On to YouTube! YouTube can be a great platform to help market yourself online. However, you should never jump in without understanding some basics on how to use YouTube to better serve your followers and target audience. The most viewed and engaged with videos are humorous and easy to share with anyone. Think of Old Spice commercials and other SuperBowl-type TV ads. Even though it is marketing, people share the hilarity with their friends.

Via Flickr by

Via Flickr by

Best said by my lovely employers and fellow creatives  at CopyPress: “By using both correct strategy and creative appeal, your video will not only establish a solid online presence but produce tons of traffic.”

There are five types of videos that are easy to make and connect well with your audience:

  1. Interview. Interview an employee, a loyal customer, or an executive to talk about your brand or product. Don’t forget to make it fun and creative!
  2. Video testimonial. Slightly different than interviewing a customer. Instead, the customer talks freely about how your product or service helped them.
  3. How-to video. This is my favorite kind of YouTube video. They are very informative and helpful and can be a lot of fun to watch when you get creative with it!
  4. Documentary style. Make a video in the documentary style explaining a specific case where your product or service helped. Or it can be a highlight of your product or service.
  5. Case study. This only applies to certain businesses. A case study video allows you to show specifically how your product or service will help your customers.

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