Benefits of Paid Advertising for B2B on LinkedIn

Yes, I am writing a post about paying for advertising. I believe that you can go very far organically if you know what you are doing on platforms and have great content. However, I struggle with LinkedIn. I have a client that is B2B and I need to be on LinkedIn for them. But, since working for them is not my only job, my profile is not optimized to promote them. So I have to look for alternative methods, and that means paid advertising.

Via Flickr koka_sexton

Via Flickr koka_sexton

LinkedIn probably has the most benefit for PPC advertising than any other social media platform. You will see a lot of benefit even from minimal ad investment. While it is difficult to understand their ad creation station overall, once you know your way around you can get a lot of bang for your buck.

There are two kinds of advertising on LinkedIn – Cost per Click and impressions per one thousand users. It costs around $2 per unit of measurement on each option. No matter what you option you choose, you are bound to get thousands of impressions in just a few hours.

Via Flickr koka_sexton

Via Flickr koka_sexton

The downfall of paid advertising on LinkedIn is the poor click through rate. Many companies complain that they may get a ton of impressions, but very few clicks when they pay for advertising. There are many studies and analysis online that explains why this is, but personally I believe it is the audience.

Users on LinkedIn are strictly professional. They will only click on links that are worth their time. They are too busy to investigate any link they come across, like on the Twitter and Facebook platforms. This means what you are advertising has to have a lot of worth for your target audience. Advertising can help you get their attention, but your content needs to be outstanding.


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