Why You Still Need Paper Marketing in a Digital World

Last week, I sent maybe 200 emails for a client, marketing his service to different localities across the US. Many replied back, interested in the service. One asked if I could send them a brochure or flyer they could put out on a display table for a local event to garner more interest for the service.

I was very excited about this offer and immediately emailed the good news to my client. He replied back, upset at the fact anyone would want paper marketing in a digital world. After saying everything is digital these days and paper marketing is archaic, he told me to email the local group back and say we could send some of the client’s business cards for her to put out.

Image via Flickr by Antonio Bonanno

Image via Flickr by Antonio Bonanno

I understand my client’s frustration. Hiring someone, like myself, to create a brochure or flyer can be pricey for startups on a tight budget. Especially when everyone has grown accustomed to being able to view the success of their digital marketing efforts with analytical software. It is difficult to see the benefit in paper marketing when there is no instant way to track the results and success of it without directly asking the consumer how they heard of the company.

Yet paper marketing is still completely relevant. Digital and social can do some truly amazing things for businesses that had a harder time of it in the past. The same reason businesses use social are the same reasons you should keep paper marketing. One of the reasons for social is because a large segment of their audience use social media to communicate and stay loyal to a business. There is still a group of every audience who prefer traditional paper.

Image via Pixabay by kruziwuten

Image via Pixabay by kruziwuten

This is part of why I was astounded at my client’s refusal to supply a paper marketing avenue – his audience directly asked for it. Whenever your audience asks for more information on your product or service, no matter what form it is, you should deliver. The audience will be pleased at the prompt fulfillment of their need and the investment can be used for future marketing opportunities.

The end point – there should always be a corner of your budget reserved for paper marketing. Even if you have no plans to launch a campaign via paper, you want some money reserved in case the need arises. Especially if you plan to go to events. You will need business cards, brochures, flyers, and even a sign for your booth. Your business should always be prepared for all marketing avenues. Which one you invest the majority of your time and resources in depends on your business. However, you should always keep a toe in every marketing platform available.

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