How One Pin on Pinterest Can Triple Your Sales

I want to put a disclaimer on this sensational (but true) story – at this present time, Pinterest can only substantially grow certain businesses. This is because the majority of active, Pinterest-aholics fall into specific demographics. Passionate homeowners is one of these demographics, which is why this home decor business took off so radically. Even though a high tech company can do well on Pinterest, their software or product sales will not triple at the demand of Pinterest users. That is until an extremely innovative tech company changes that and gets their audience to rule Pinterest!


Image via Social Media Today

In 2011, one of the many DIY bloggers with a Pinterest account shared a beautiful sofa table she made for her home along with instructions of how she did it. While this kind of content is consumed like water in a desert on Pinterest, people loved this pin for a different reason – the wrought iron rod decoration hanging above the table.

Image via Social Media Today

Image via Social Media Today

Users were commenting and messaging the daylights out of this blogger, asking where she found the iron rod. She said it was from a local store that made handmade iron products in Utah. They were so local that they did not have a website. Somehow contact information got out and Pinterest users hounded the store until they opened in February of 2012 with an online store. In no time, the online store was selling hundreds of those rods and were able to expand to include other unique home decor items as well.

Image via Rod Works

Image via Rod Works

This is the social media marketing dream, and the best part is how natural it was. This was not a campaign someone like me came up with. It was simply a part of a photo on Pinterest that caught the eye of many users. This phemenomeon is similar to JK Rowling became a billionaire genius author – completely natural, unexpected, and impossible to replicate (much to book publisher’s dismay). However, there are a few things you can do to boost your content and try to get rabid Pinterest users on your side.

  • Start with an image. And not just any image. The photo needs to entice the reader, make a connection, stir emotion, provide value, create or follow a trend, or supplies a basic human need. The best images on Pinterest are simple, bright, and high quality. It is okay to make your pins time sensitive (unlike other online content) because most pinning occurs in the moment.
  • Next make your description a call to action. While many casual users leave the description blank or put “love this!”, you need to entice users to click on your image to go to your website. If linking to a blog post, make the description about how the 11 points in the blog post will change how they approach DIY projects. If linking to a product, explain what the product is in an enticing way with, “You won’t believe how this product makes it easier to do this everyday thing” or “I can’t believe how much better my living room looks with this product.” Make the phrase exciting and enticing so the user changes from wanting it to needing it.
  • Don’t press the Pin It button until the timing is right. While it is best to look at your Pinterest analytics to see when your pins get the most engagement, for now plan on pinning between 2 to 4 PM and 8 PM to 1 AM eastern time. This is when most users are on Pinterest.

Once you have the rabid users behind your brand and products, your social media marketing will cause your business to grow substantially. Now is the best time to take advantage of Pinterest because it is not flooded with businesses and advertisers, like Facebook. Pinterest still holds its fun innocence, giving its users more trust in brands they love .


Using Pinterest to Expand the Reach of Your Press Release

Pinterest is the third most popular social media network site in the world, making it hard to ignore when using business and social media. Many businesses do not realize the advantage Pinterest offers when releasing press releases online. Making a few adjustments to your press release to put on Pinterest can greatly expand the reach of the release.


Add an Infographic

Adding an infographic is an excellent way to represent the information that is discussed in the press release. An infographic should only be used if the content of the press release discusses many different facts or numbers. Do not try to create an infographic out of information that cannot be used for it.

Another tip is to not simply put the infographic in the press release, or embed in the email that is sent out. You need to separately upload the infographic on your Pinterest account, then link the infographic in the press release. You should also put a link to the press release on the infographic pin.

Add Images

Images need to be relevant to the press release and go deeper into the meaning of the release. It can be pictures of the product or people that are discussed in the press release, or it can be more abstract images. You will need to look beyond the information in the press release to find more opportunities to tell your story. Images need to be backed up with live links to further expand the reach of the release.

Create a Newsroom

A Pinterest board newsroom can mirror the website’s newsroom, or it can simply showcase the information in one press release, along with any other media assets used in your company’s news. A newsroom board can feature video news clips from the release, commentary and discussion about the release, or any other topics related. The newsroom can also feature blog posts about the release, pitches for the product or change in the business, and exclusive logos or headshots. Whatever is placed in the newsroom needs to be trademarked correctly and available for public use.

Create a Board for the Specific Press Release Topic

This is similar to the newsroom board, except the content is not time sensitive or directly related to the press release. It should revolve around images or other topics related to the news release. For example, if you are a wedding planner announcing a partnership with a local wedding dress shop, create a board full of different wedding dress styles for bridal inspiration.

Use the Same SEO in the Pin

Not only are SEO keywords imperative for anything you put on the internet, such as a press release, it is also important for Pinterest. If you use the same SEO keywords for your press release on your board, it can rank high in Google searches for at least two days after the release. On Pinterest, you can achieve higher and longer ranks using the same SEO as your press release. Make your pins optimized for the keywords by including a primary keyword as the title of your board. Put keywords in the description of your pins and add them as hashtags as well.

Use Pinterest for Free Market Research

Pinterest can help you get ideas for trendy releases and article topics. Use Pinterest to figure out what is being repinned and liked. Create a board on these popular topics and optimize it for searches. Then support it with trends and expert press releases that link back to your Pinterest board. This can generate new leads and improve the reach and click-through rates of your content.

Do you think there are other social media outlets that would do well expanding the reach of your press release? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @HS_Writing!