3 Ways to Engage Readers in Your Business Blog

Creating a business blog can be a huge asset to your marketing plan. Business blogging provides readers with informational content that establishes your brand as an industry leader. Sometimes when you make a blog it is not successful at first. There are six ways to change that and get ultimate reader engagement. This will help promote your business and create a loyal customer base.

Via Flickr by laffy4k

Via Flickr by laffy4k

  1. Use a conversational tone. Whenever you use a technical or professional tone in writing, people do not feel connected with what is being said. In order to maximize reader engagement, you need to craft your blog posts in a more conversational way. This also means avoiding making constant sales pitches for your product or service. Posts should be completely separate from your specific products or services and instead promote information related to your market niche.Imagine questions friends would ask you about your industry, and write blog posts as if you are answering their questions over dinner one night. Use words and phrases from everyday life and avoid industry terms, like market niche. Short sentences are more attractive for readers.

    Since it is a blog post, it is okay to start off sentences with and, or, but, etcetera. Address the reader directly by using “you” frequently throughout the post, and same goes for using “I.” Cut down on adjectives and adverbs to make it more conversational. It should not sound like a press release.

  2. Write metaphors. Metaphors do wonderful things for your blog. They make complex ideas simpler to understand, allow content to be vivid and engaging, and use imagery in order to make your readers experience what you are writing.The more specific your metaphors are, the more effective they will be at getting readers’ attention and keeping them coming back for future posts. Incorporate sensory in order to fully engage readers. Metaphors are more effective when the writer of the blogs draws on personal experience or hobbies to create metaphors. This will give the company more personality.
  3. Tell readers to engage. This does not mean forcing your readers to enjoy your content. At the end of the blog post, say, “If you like what you have read, please share it on:” and include links or buttons to popular social media sites. Some of the best ways for people to share your posts is on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr, and LinkedIn. Providing this call to action will influence more people to share the content.Getting your blog posts shared on many different media forms will increase the visibility of your business and make the blog more successful. Plus, you get to see how engaged your readers are when seeing how much of your content is shared. For example, if you have 100 readers and only one or two share your posts, then you need to do something different to engage them.