Vine – The Tweet of the Video Marketing Platform

Vine is quickly rising in popularity for businesses. The six second video allowance is difficult, but many businesses are unleashing their creativity to make amazing and effective marketing content in a short period of time. Since it is a new platform, many businesses don’t know what to make of it. I thought I would try to explain it for those who are confused.


Compare it like this – you can write a long blog post, then pull a sentence and Tweet about it. This is essentially a Vine. Sure, you can make a longer YouTube video to make your point, or you can make a Vine that highlights the points you want to make in the video. This highlight reel is more likely to be watched by your followers as well. After all, who doesn’t have six seconds to watch a video, no matter what its about?


Vine videos are absolutely supplemental marketing. Just like you can’t only have a Facebook page, you should never only have a Vine account and that’s it. Vine videos are meant to be shared on your different platforms and supplement other marketing messages. So, if you are trying to promote a new product, you can create a six second video highlighting how cool the product is to get your followers engaged.


A great example of using Vine correctly is supplied by Molson Canadian 67. They are suppliers of a premium light beer only available in Canada. They took the six second platform and created a campaign called #mixin6. They show followers how to make cocktails out of their beer in only six seconds. In the description of the video and on all platforms they share the video on, they include the recipe. Not only are they highlighting their product, they are also providing useful and entertaining content to followers, engaging them with the brand completely.

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3 Reasons Why Your Brand Needs to Use Vine

Vine is a mobile video application that allows users to take 6 second videos and share them with friends on social media sites, specifically Twitter and Facebook. While users love the application, not many businesses are taking advantage of the platform as a valuable marketing tool. Here are three reasons why your brand needs to add Vine to your marketing plan.

Via Flickr clasesdeperiodismo

Via Flickr clasesdeperiodismo

Anyone Can View Vine Videos

While other platforms, such as Pinterest or Facebook, require an account to access and play with content, Vine videos can be seen by anyone. The videos can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Reddit, and more. This makes Vine extremely valuable. No content is wasted on a small demographic of people on certain accounts. You can create one Vine video and share it all over these platforms and even on the business blog.

Videos Are Marketing Gold

Visual content is one of the most engaging kinds that businesses can use. Many brands are using photo-centric content in their social media platform posts, but videos need to be used more. A Cisco report predicts that video interaction will consume 69% of customer internet traffic by the year 2017. This is because information can be communicated better via video. Many users scroll aimlessly through text posts, but videos require full attention. Instead of a long paragraph of information, brands can show off a new product or service in an engaging video.

Customers Gain Brand Confidence

Being able to see a live action look into the brand gives customers more confidence and support in that company. Anyone can post photos and links on social media accounts. But videos show that a company is real. The time limit on Vine videos mean you can quickly highlight a product or service or promotion and gain ten times the interaction and trust from customers than you would have from an article or blog post.