Featured on Spotistic on managing social media networks for multiple organizations.

adoption consultancy logoContent Manager for Beyond Infertility & The Adoption Consultancy

Heather has very quickly become an indispensable part of my team. I can turn to her with my projects and she understands them and takes them on in a way that makes my job so much easier. She’s completely dependable, keeping me posted on all projects along the way and delivering thenm on time. She’s also open to any feedback/changes that I request. I’m even completely comfortable having Heather interact directly with my clients and colleagues on my behalf as I know she will represent my company professionally. She is careful to consider the audience of each of these interactions so that she handles them appropriately and reinforces my brand image. I get a great value for my investment with Heather’s work. She provides a high-quality service at a price that fits into my budget. I recommend Heather without hesitation.
-Nicole Witt, creator and owner of Adoption Consultency and Beyond Infertility. Username ncwitt on Elance.
5 Star Review

jessicaNetworking under HS Writing

I like to consider Heather as my “social media soul sister.” After connecting with each other online, I have found Heather to be an irreplaceable colleague. Whenever I encounter an issue with a client, or find myself stumped by a social media marketing qualm — I always turn to Heather for her expert insights and valuable opinions. Heather continues to educate herself in the industry and tirelessly works to help others understand the importance of building relationships online.
-Jessica Howell, social media consultant, blogger, and Social Studio co-founder. LinkedIn profile.

wedding dashWeddingDash.com Blogger

Did a great job! We are very happy with her work! Look forward to working with her again.
-Username nyxinc on Elance
5 Start Review

Fertility Article Writer

Wonderful article writer. Adds personality to all articles! Fast and easy to work with!
-Username specialmarketer on Elance
5 Star Review

SaaS Marketing Client

Great communication; excellent multi-purpose content.
-Username mdp23 on Elance
4.9 Star Review

Technical Health, Infertility, and Pregnancy Client

Wonderful writer that produced exactly the kind of article we were looking for. Work needed no editing and we are pleased and ready to work together again!
-Username awelbaum on Elance
5 Star Review

Ghostwrite an Autobiography

H Hobbs was creative and extremely helpful in getting my project going. I highly recommend her services to anyone.
-Username bfass324 on Elance
5 Star Review

Product Reviews

Supplied high quality articles. Well researched and written. Nice to work with and having further articles written.
-Username Waaz on Elance
5 Star Review

eBook Ghostwriting

Fast, professional, and talented.
-Username 2ndsOut on Elance
5 Star Review

Articles on Dog Breeds

Great to work with!
-Username alignedacquisitions on Elance
5 Star Review


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